The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Albury, in 1924 Photographic Survey and Record of Surrey no. 8955

The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Albury, in 1924
Photographic Survey and Record of Surrey no. 8955

Click here to see the catalogue of the St Peter and St Paul, Albury, Parish Records (1559-1981) held at the Surrey History Centre.

Albury is situated in the gentle rolling scenery of the Tillingbourne Valley, west of Shere.

Albury Park is a Grade I English Heritage Registered Park of Special Historic Interest. The manor house was refashioned in the 17th century by John and George Evelyn for the Duke of Norfolk, at the same time as the gardens.

The building was remodelled by Pugin, mostly in 1846-52.

Farley Heath, in Albury, was once the site of a Romano-Celtic temple. It was excavated by Lowther and Goodchild in 1939 following excavations by Tupper in 1848 and Winbolt in 1926.

The temple was 46ft square, enclosed by a ‘temenos’ wall about 240ft in diameter. The finds included a Celtic priest’s sceptre, British gold coins of Verica, Epaticcus and Tincommius and a silver coin of Epaticcus. A hoard of 50 Roman coins varying from Tiberius to Arcadius and pottery of similar date was also unearthed. Further excavations by Surrey County Archaeological Unit for English Heritage on the site of the Roman temple established how much damage was being caused following repeated disturbance by metal detectorists.

Flintwork of predominantly Neolithic date and pottery of Bronze Age or Iron Age date indicates some earlier activities on the site, but no pits or postholes were discovered, indicating that the temple is most unlikely to have replaced a prehistoric structure.

The site is a Scheduled Monument.

3 thoughts on “Albury”

  1. Jill Hyams says:

    Surrey History Centre now holds the records of Albury History Society (ref. 8261) which provide a detailed history of the village and an insight into the lives of its many interesting residents.

  2. I am the author of children’s books and am now writing fiction, but based on my own fear of the doodlebugs when we lived in Albury during the last two years of ww2. Does anyone remember Mrs. Gray’s school (she was the Vicar’s wife) and the Gilbert & Sullivan performances we gave in the village hall? Was there a state primary school in the village? I remember a shelter at the school – was there one in the village? Was there a siren in the village? Did any houses get hit?
    I hated seeing the doodlebugs in the daytime without a warning and at Rose Hill, where we had a flat, there was no shelter.

    1. Marc says:

      Hi. Not sure about most of your questions but know that the stained glass windows in the village church have an inscription that they were replaced following damage in 1944 by a flying bomb that landed nearby.

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