East Horsley, St Martin’s Church: The Gazebo

The Gazebo:  St Martin's Church, East Horsley

The Gazebo: St Martin’s Church, East Horsley

The Gazebo stands in the southwest corner of the churchyard wall and is decorated with Lovelaces usual architectural extravagances. It is said that when the morning service was due to begin a choirboy would be posted in it so that he could see when his Lordships carriage emerged from the Guildford Lodge gates. Then he had to run back and tell the Rector to be ready to start the service.

The gazebo was restored in 1986 by The Horsley Countryside Preservation Society.

One thought on “East Horsley, St Martin’s Church: The Gazebo”

  1. Stanley Rooney says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Staying at Horsley Towers this week (De Vere Hotel) I am surprised more is not made of the unique architecture and history created by Lord Lovelace and his famous wife. I notice a number of places where condition is quite poor. The pump house tower losing slates, a number of places where stonework is poor and repairs made with cement not lime mortar! This afternoon, I couldnt identify Lord Kings burial place, no identification anywhere, identified later from the internet. I would have thought all buildings in this area built in his style, presumably instigated by him, would be protected and maintained the best standards. I would like to know and see more of the Towers but its difficult to learn and see as much as possible. I live in Leics close to Adas childhood home, hence my interest in her married home as well as her work with Babbage.

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