East Horsley, The Lovelace Buildings

The Rose motif which appears on most of Lovelace's buildings  Image: HCPS

The Rose motif which appears on most of Lovelace’s buildings
Image: HCPS

After adding the Clock Tower and the Great Hall to his house, Lovelace built a few lodge cottages, namely Blueryde, Pennymead and Sheepwash Lodges, but these were much plainer in design than his later constructions. After his travels abroad following the death of his first wife, he settled down to improving his Horsley estate. Having first built the Italian Tower and the Guildford Lodge in 1858, and made sure his house lived up to his image as the most important personage in Surrey, he then turned his attention to the village and, during the 1860s, what had once been an inconspicuous Surrey village was totally transformed.

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