Lower Forest Image: HCPS

Lower Forest
Image: HCPS

Previously known as Forest Farm, this house lies on Forest Road. It is decorated with dentils and moulded corbelling, with a string course of regimental badges with dentils above and a band of guilloching beneath. The chimneys have massive multiple stacks, but the windows have been replaced.

2 Responses to East Horsley, The Lovelace Buildings: Lower Forest

  1. Antony Etwell says:

    Just to let you know that our house name was changed at some point, not sure when,
    to “Forest Farm” from “Lower Forest”. There is also a protected, incredibly old and beautiful
    holly tree, topiaried into 3 tiers.
    Best Wishes,
    Antony Etwell – owner

  2. Val Lawrence says:

    My step grandfather lived In this house in 1934 and l have a photograph of him in the garden. I would love to hear from anyone who could give me any history of this house. Thank you.

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