East Horsley, The Lovelace Buildings: Lower Peryers Cottage

Lower Peryers Cottage Plaque

Lower Peryers Cottage Plaque

Unfortunately this cottage was pulled down in the postwar years before people became interested in the conservation of East Horsley.

It lay beside Ockham Road North where houses have been built in a cul-de-sac of that name. In the early days of the 20th century, there used to be an elderly lady living here in the old cottage who made sweets to sell to the school children on their way home from school. The only vestige to remind us of the cottage is a plaque built into a wall with its name and date on it.

2 thoughts on “East Horsley, The Lovelace Buildings: Lower Peryers Cottage”

  1. Tim Ely says:

    Surely Lower Peryers is in Ockham Road SOUTH?

  2. Jeremy Viewing says:

    The old lady was my grandmother Cesilie Rose Viewing who lived at Lower Peryers cottage from the 1920’s too the 1950’s with my father Cyril Viewing. I understand there was a pond close to the road and Frank Conisbee’s butchers shop was across the road. When my father married after the war my grandmother moved with the family to Bedfordshire. I understand a developer brought the cottage, demolished it and built the estate.

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