East Horsley, The Lovelace Buildings: Old Green Dene Cottage

This old house is well documented from 1533 onwards and was an independent farm until Lord Lovelace bought it. It had always belonged to well-to-do families in the wool trade who had large flocks of sheep, including the Parkhurst and Redford families in the 16th and 17th centuries who were wool merchants of Shere.

Old Green Dene Cottage Image: HCPS

Old Green Dene Cottage
Image: HCPS

When Lord Lovelace bought the farm he divided it into three cottages and set about encasing it in flint and brick and inserted the usual Lovelace windows.

It is not lavishly decorated like most of the cottages, but has roll-moulded arches above the windows and a red tiled roof. A date plaque says 1874, which was the year it was renovated.

The left-hand wing is in fact a medieval house which had an open hall, and to the right, built out at right-angles, is an early 17th century house with a new innovation called a smoke bay. The people who lived here were always sheep farmers until the 19th century. The farmerlived in the larger, newer part of the house and a shepherd lived in the older house.

To the east of the house is Honeysuckle Bottom, which is part of an old trackway leading from Gomshall and Shere and joining up with the Old London Road which runs behind Rowbarns Manor.

3 thoughts on “East Horsley, The Lovelace Buildings: Old Green Dene Cottage”

  1. Les Lasham says:

    I was born in this house on 29th January 1940. in the room at the top left of the front of the house.and lived here until about 1951/2 when we moved to Nightingale Crescent at the other end of the village.and on the north side of the railway station. I emigrated from East Horsley to new South Wales Australia in February 1957 and now live in Southern Victoria about 67 km east of Melbourne.

    1. cathy hill says:

      Hi Les,
      Do you know anything about who owned the house through the 1930s? I have found a hand drawn map among my great uncle’s papers which highlights GreenDene. My mother thinks he used to visit often. I am trying to find out more about his life and so would love to know who he was visiting. Can you throw any light on the matter?
      Many thanks

  2. cathy hill says:

    I have recently found a hand drawn map entitled ‘GreenDene’ and highlighting the location of the house, among my great uncles papers. He died in 1938 when still in his forties. My mother thinks it is a house that he used to visit. I would love to know more about who owned the house through the 1930s? Can anyone out there help?

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