East Horsley, The Lovelace Buildings: Sartor Resartus

Sartor Resartus. Image: HCPS

Sartor Resartus.
Image: HCPS

For at least 200 years a family of tailors called Webb lived on this site. In 1842 Lord Lovelace bought the cottage from the widow of the last tailor. It was at first used to house estate workers, then he had it pulled down and the present house built which he named Sartor Resartus, after an essay by Thomas Carlyle. It means The tailor retailored.

A lot of detail has gone into decorating this house. It has elaborate dentils and string courses all made of moulded terracotta. The smaller wing on the left which joins up with Red Roses may have been added later as a small, separate dwelling. This is the only house with a bay window so would have been for a better class of employee or for renting.

Sartor Resartus Decoration. Image: HCPS

Sartor Resartus Decoration.
Image: HCPS

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