East Horsley, The Lovelace Buildings: St Martin’s School

St Martin's School. Image: HCPS

St Martin’s School.
Image: HCPS

St. Martins School was built in 1860 at the same time as Bishops Gate Lodge. The building was originally single storey and consisted of just one room, 32 feet by 18 feet, with two entrances, a porch and a lobby. It is built in the Lovelace style with brick and flint and decorative tiles. It has a slate roof with open beams beneath and a basement. It also had raised tiers of desks and benches at one end. Attached to the north side of the main building was the schoolmistresss house. In 1891 a smaller infants classroom, 14 feet by 16 feet was added onto the school house and two years later a new porch and lobby were added to the south side.

Features of the building. Image: HCPS

Features of the building.
Image: HCPS

People who went to the school when they were children said that it was extremely cold in the winter, in spite of having a stove in one corner. Children had to walk to school, often in the pouring rain, their outdoor clothes were then hung around the stove creating clouds of steam! If anyone was not feeling well, they were allowed to sit near the stove which was a great treat!

Arched windows decorated in polychrome brick. Image: HCPS

Arched windows decorated in polychrome brick.
Image: HCPS

3 thoughts on “East Horsley, The Lovelace Buildings: St Martin’s School”

  1. Patricia Dodds ( nee Copas) says:

    I attended St Martin’s School in the 1950s before it was closed and we were all transferred to the Raleigh School at the other end of the Village. My father was Stephen Copas and was village policeman living in The Police House on what was the main road for over 20 years. He recently died and at his funeral a letter was read out from the Horsley Parish Council trying to stop his relocation to Guildford as the Police Station
    was closing and he was much respected in the Villages. He never got over leaving Horsley. He died in Devon aged 85 – calling his bungalow ‘Horsley’.

    1. Jo (Sephi) Kebbell (née Roud) says:

      I went to St Martin’s from 1953 to 1959. The headmistress was Miss Harvey. Mr and Mrs Pavey were the caretakers who lived in the attached house. I lived above Plume’s Ironmongers shop where my dad, Joe Roud, was manager. I liveried there until I was 5, then moved to West Horsley.

  2. Ros Shepherd (née Williams) says:

    I attended St. Martin ‘s school from 1955 in Mrs Willie’ s class to 1957 when I went to Guildford High School. My father David Williams was Warden at Horsley Towers and the school used the playing fields there for their sports day and used to come to the cinema there where usually films for the management students for the Electricity supply industry were shown. My father got the projectionist to show cartoons and St Trinians.

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