The village is 5 miles south-west of Guildford with the late 19th and 20th century development of Norney to its south-east. A separate parish was formed in 1866 and the church of St. Mary, designed by Sir Gilbert Scott, was one of the first buildings in this modern development. The church was paid for by the Rev Archdall Buttemer, the first rector, in memory of his wife.

Shackleford, Church and Lychgate, 1909
Reproduced courtesy of The Francis Frith Collection

The old centre remains physically distinct around the junctions of five local roads, with the neighbouring parish of Peper Harow to the south-west edge of the village. Hall Place, now Aldro School, was a home of Richard Wyatt, the wealthy London merchant and Freeman of the Carpenter’s Company, whose bequest founded the Almshouses at Godalming in 1622.

There are many interesting domestic buildings in Shackleford and a great number are visually linked by the extensive stone and brick boundary walls in the centre of the village. The whole scene is enhanced by the gentle curve of The Street so that it is not possible to see from end to end.

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  1. Anders Neumüller says:

    I was trying to locate Michen Hall in Shackleford where Sir John and Lady wen ham lived. Thanking you for any help.

    1. Abel Beans says:

      It’s in Lombard Street. I live in Shackleford

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