Guildford: St Catherine’s

About a half mile south of Guildford on the road to Godalming is St. Catherines village, between the River Wey and Portsmouth Road. The village sits on a sandstone outcrop near the ancient Pilgrims Way and its crossing point of the river. Nearby are the tunnels and cuttings of the railway line.

St. Catherine's Chapel. Photographic Survey and Record of Surrey no. 2037

St. Catherine’s Chapel
Photographic Survey and Record of Surrey no. 2037

The name derives from the Chantry Chapel, an ancient monument on a beautiful site on one of the sandstone outcrops. This was probably always a chapel of ease to St. Nicholas Church in the town and was built in the early 14th century by Richard de Wauncey, rector of that church.

The village has several good groups of buildings and the main road creates a pleasant impression with its bends and changes in level. The riverside walk offers a complete contrast and gives distant views of the castle and Guildford town centre across the water meadows.

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