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Medieval (1066 1540 AD) pottery and archaeological evidence of ploughing was found at the former BT Engineering Centre at Tongham at a site proposed for housing development.

Tongham, Village 1906
Reproduced courtesy of The Francis Frith Collection

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  1. M W Vincent says:

    Between about 1913 and 1921 a company called Burney and Blackburne Ltd. was based in Tongham, making Blackburne motorcycles and engines. Is the site of this factory known? If so where was it located? Grateful for any help.

    1. Nick Catford says:

      I am interested in the former use of the BT engineering centre site. I know during the war the War Office laid a siding into the site from the railway line. Looking at a 1959 OS map the siding is still there and the site is shown as a depot. Did it remain in military use until the GPO arrived or did the military leave at some time with site being used for industry. When I visited in 1967 there was a long building with a curved corrugated iron roof alongside the disused railway track bed. What did the military use the site for when they had it. I don’t know when the GPO arrived. A 1968 OS maps shows it as a GPO engineering centre with different buildings to the 1959 map.

      1. Ian Mitchener says:

        I think the site may have technically remained in the hands of the military but unused for a number of years. I remember a fire which destroyed a long building which was across from the shops around the mid to ate 1960’s.

        As a child I grew up living on The Cardinals and as such spent many hours playing on the old disused railway which ran at the back of the houses on North Side.

        I know some children did venture into the depot from time to time. I think there may well have been some old supplies still there but can never remember seeing any military traffic going in or out of the site.

        I remember the Telephone Engineering Centre being built in 1969 and it remained there after my move to Canada in 1988.

        I am not sure when the TEC closed. I think it would have been in the 1990’s.

    2. F Plom says:

      Dad says his uncle worked at burney and blackburne as a child
      It was based in a building at the end of the parade of shops by the railway bridge. The building was used to make ammunition during WW1 and burned down in the 1960’s

      1. Ian Mitchener says:

        I have a photograph of that fire.

        1. Angela Davis says:

          Hello Ian
          I used olive in The Old Whitehart cottages which joined the WhiteHart Pub.Iam doing some research into the Ammunitions Factories my Mother used to work there during WWII.

          I wonder if you could kindly send a photo of the Fire that took place. There was a Robins furniture removals storage place up by the Bridge by the Tongham Railway station.

          There is a picture of the Tongham Fire Brigade Crew hanging in the Whitehart Pub over the Fireplace. Perhaps your father would be in this picture.

    3. F Plom says:

      See photos which show the parade of shops and building you are interested in

  2. Raven M says:

    I am searching for a photo or any information on the old manor house in the street Tongham
    demolished in the 60s in favour of a block of flats many thanks in anticipation Mike Raven

    1. David Picken says:

      For Mike Raven – Photographs of the manor house in Tongham are thin on the ground. I have a couple of versions of a long distance photograph of The Street from the fields to the south that show the manor house, but not in close up. Happy to make them available if we can make contact.

      1. Raven M says:

        Hi David Id love to have sight of your photos of the old Manor house at the street Tongham by download or whatever Regards mike Raven.

        1. Raven M says:

          Hi Mr David Picken It seems as though I need your help to make contact so that I can have sight of your two shots of the old manor house tongham and download them ! please tell me what to do
          regards mike raven

  3. Gerald Grainger says:

    Hello All. I am looking for a postcard/photogragh of 3 Oxenden Road taken early 1900s. I have seen a copy of a postcard Old Tongham Village hanging on the wall of the bar at the White Harte Tongham. However when enquiring where they obtained it from I get the answer online. I have searched for hours and days with no luck. More precisely photo is taken from the parade of shops in The Street Tongham looking towards number 3 Oxenden Road. Any leads would be gratefully appreciated

    1. F Plom says:

      Try for tongham photos

  4. Brian Smith says:

    Is there anyone out there that can give me any information on 1944/43 destruction of the ammunition train that stood overnight at The Tongham railway siding this was destined for the South coast ready for the D-day invasion. I was about 12 at the time and I remember the dead cows lying on their backs with their legs in the air.

    1. F Plom says:

      My dad remembers coming home from London late the day it happened and hearing a plane overhead he had just got to bed when the first bomb was dropped. Date was 22 Aug 1940 and he remembers the 2 men who were awarded the George medal for uncoupling the train from the burning part.
      See for more info
      Ps dad does not remember any dead cows

      1. cheryl shield says:

        Hi my grandfather was a young boy living in the village when this happened. He can remember it all clearly and says the dead cows were when Manor Farm got hit by a German bomb. As only one person from the farm survived as he was away at war.

  5. cheryl says:

    Hi there, my grandfather Peter Palmer was born in Tongham in June 1930, his mother Annie Palmer worked on Ceaser,s farm . Im looking for any old photos from this time of the area

  6. Ian Mitchener says:

    I am presently researching The Cardinals Council Estate in Tongham. Specifically the building of the estate (name of main builders). Approx cost and any other facts.

    1. F Plom says:

      My dad says he thinks the foreman was Bill Wheatley who lived along the new road
      Tongham was connected to main sewer before they could build the new estate
      Started to build around 1950

  7. Stella Anderson says:

    Hi, My Mother (Daisy Mabel Wells) was born in 1917 at Prospect Villas, Oxenden Road, Ash Road. I would appreciate if anyone has any information, i.e. are the houses still standing, or are there any old photos of the street.

    1. Margaret Ferns says:

      Hello Stella – I’ll try to pop down the road tomorrow-ish to take a look == any idea which end of the road Prospect Villas are – and roughly what the buildings look like? I’m guessing that they are Victorian.
      PS – couldn’t be this one by any chance?

  8. Christine says:

    I’m helping my Mum find a bit of her family history. Unfortunately I’m not doing very well.
    But on her birth certificate it reads Mothers name Louie Mullin otherwise Fletcher a domestic servant of Appleby House, Tongham , Surrey.
    I’ve looked on the maps but can’t find the house. I presume its been built on ! or bombed !
    Any information would help us. Or if anybody knows or known my Mums Mother that would be great.

    1. Christine says:

      My mum was born 1938 so anything prior to this dated would be very helpful.

  9. fred says:

    Hi There,
    Has anybody got information on Appleby house my dad was born there in 1927 ?

    1. Christine says:

      Dear Fred any information you have about Appleby House would be lovely,
      Mum is now in her 80’s , she was adopted in 1938 and has never been able to find information regarding her blood parents apart from her birthcertificate.

  10. Cathy finley says:

    Hi my name cathy I use to live up the street of tongham next to the manor farm back in the 60s I’m trying to find the names of people that lived there about that time as I had family that lived there …

  11. Patricia Wainwright says:

    I am doing some genealogy research and would like to know who lived in 41 The Street , Tongham in 1951. I am trying to find my Canadian relative Roy Davies, stationed in Aldershot during the Second World War. He married an English girl and went back to Canada.- I believe Doreen Gelder- and it is recorded she sailed back to England with her baby son Roy for two months in 1951 before returning to Canada. The address she gave to the authorities she was staying at was 41, The Street Tongham. If anyone knows who lived there this would help me to fill in some missing pieces- Thank you in advance- Patricia

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