The village is 3 miles north-west of Guildford, on the main road (A322) to Bagshot, Frimley and Camberley. The church of St. Mary occupies a prominent position on the ridge of land forming Perry Hill and Jordan Hill. The village and its small green sit along the west slope, while farther west is the large County Council ownership associated with Merrist Wood Agricultural College (now Merrist Wood Campus of Guildford College).

Worplesdon, St. Mary’s Church, 1904
Reproduced courtesy of The Francis Frith Collection

St. Mary’s Church dates from the 13th century with its chancel, north chapel, nave and aisles of this period. The tower dates from the mid 15th century and is said to be the best of its period in the county. Restoration was undertaken in 1866 and the south chapel added ten years later.

The village is at the edge of heathland and open country, which penetrates to the historic core. There has, however, been some residential development to the east of the church with houses in large gardens, and to the north-west of the centre. Around the green, however, there remain several buildings of interest and these form the heart of a conservation area.

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  1. Jennifer Baldwin says:

    My father came from Worplesdon and as a very small child my mother took me to visit my fathers family I remember a stream at the bottom of my aunts garden she lived at Fox corner the family’s name was Snowden I was born in Northern Ireland and have lived here all my life my parents marriage broke up in the early 60s and I have never had any contact with them but I often wonder about that wee stream was it real or not I would love to visit Worplesdon again some day unfortunately the Snowden family are all dead now as far as I know

    1. Claire Shaw says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      Looking at the year you wrote on this site I am sure you have had many replies.
      My Partner lives in Heath Mill House behind Fox Corner, This has been in the family since the 30’s The stream you refer to, is very much still there, surrounding the garden. There is an old Mill next door which it used to power.
      What a lovely memory you have.

  2. Aidan Keenan says:

    Does anybody have any information regarding a WW1 CAMP situated at BLANKET MILL FARM, Worplesdon (off Goose Rye Rd)? It may have been a POW camp or a Refugee Camp?
    We bought the farm 13 years ago and have come across a structure whilst planting! An old local man seems to think that Polish people were picked up daily from here every morning to work in fields nearby!
    Kind Regards

    1. Linda Knight says:

      My father has lived in Worplesdon since 1946, he remembers in the fields behind Christmas’s Bakery there were concrete dollies which the farmers put the hay bails on. On top of the dollies were wooden huts where people lived during/after the war,there were four of these structures.

  3. mary symons says:

    I am trying to trace Rosemary OByrne married name Stone who lived in Rose Cottage-Rosedene Worplesdon with her two children Judith & Nigel approx.: l943

    I would be very grateful for any information available,Thanks Mary Symons

    1. Edmund J.A.Stone says:

      Hello Mary:
      Rosemary O Byrne was my father-Austin Stone’s first wife. They divorced in the mid 30’s and my father remarried my mother Mary Josephine Skelton.I do have information on the family-sadly both my half brother Nigel (1931-1986) & sister Judy (1929-1980) are both deceased but their decedents are many.
      I remember my Dad talking about a Symons-would that be you? He went on to be a famous author & playwrite but died in 1979. Please contact me for further information.
      Regards – Edmund J.A.Stone

      1. mary symons says:

        Just received reply yesterday!! I have a lot of info since my first post on this site but I believe I am half sister to Judith & Nigel.this was only discovered by me Nov 9th 2013 and it has been a slow process.I appreciate your reply and would be delighted to share any info we have.
        Regards Mary Symons

        1. Edmund J.A.Stone says:

          Hello Mary:
          I gather from your latest comment that Rosemary O’Byrne was your mother! Although both Nigel & Judy are now dead, I’m sure that their children would be interested to know that you share the same mother. I would be most interested to hear from you again about your side of the family and if you have any documentation to confirm the relationship-if so, I will put it on the Stone Family Tree. You can contact me directly at : [email protected]
          Regards – Ed

  4. Katherine Edwards says:

    I am trying to find anyone that knew the white family they lived in Broadwood Cottages
    there was
    Fred White,Doris ,Janet ,Pauline and Keith (Died as a child)
    if anyone know this family please get in touch
    Thanks Katherine Edwards

  5. Jane Luff says:

    My father grew up in worplesdon with his brothers and sisters. My Gran lived there all her life. (1899-1986) . My grandad ((1899-1952). They lived in three of the houses on the green, at various times. ‘The Green’, Hillcot and Perry Hill House. As a child many happy memories, at ‘The Green’. TICKNER was the surname. Best wishes to all of you who have happy memories at Worplesdon. JANE.

    1. Caroline Miller says:

      Perry Hill School reunion – all year groups – 22nd September 2018 Worplesdon Place Hotel at 7pm. Check out the Worplesdon & Perry Hill School Facebook site.

  6. colin says:

    I have been researching my mums family history. My Mothers maiden name was Turner and her Father my Grandfather came from worplesdon and all his family. They date back to Woplesdon as farm Labours which I have traced back to the late 1700. I am still tracing them, My grandfather Sidney Turner joined the regular army and served in India. My Grandfather left Worplesdon when he came home from India and moved to Rainham in Essex. My Mum still lives in Rainham at a age now of 95 she is the only surviving child of my grandfather. My grandfather re-listed in 1915 to fight in France he was in the R.F. Artillery I have a photo of him with his uniform this stands in pride of place in my lounge where I can see it every day.
    If any one has any information on them I would be interested they lived at one time in pitch place. In 2015 I will visit Woplesdon to see where they lived. I am 61 years of age and was close to my grandfather he died in 1963 and is buried in Rainham.

  7. Kathy Lawson says:

    My Grandfather, Harry Baldwin, was born in Worplesdon in 1895, at the home of his Grandparents, Peter and Rachel Jackson. He went to Wyke School. At the age of 19, he left the UK and moved to NSW, Australia – which is where I live. My father’s name was Peter Jackson Baldwin (in honour of his Grandfather). Now, my daughter, as of 2014, is a British citizen. She lives in Kent and has worked in and around London for the last nine years. Strangely, the first company she worked for was a global company with its UK headquarters in Worplesdon! My Grandfather would have been thrilled. I used to tell her to walk gently in Worplesdon – so as not to disturb her ancestors! I am sure I must have lots of cousins still around Worplesdon and one day hope to meet you.

  8. Mandy says:

    My ancestors, the Henleys, were all born and lived in Worplesdon. They farmed at 3 Pitch Place. I have traced back as far a Richard and Elizabeth Henley in the 1790s. Their descendant William, who came to Sydney NSW in 1882 is my great-great-grandfather – he broke the family tradition of brick-making and farming. I believe the Henleys lived at 3 Pitch Place until at least the early 1900s. I would love to visit there some day to see where they lived and worked and to see the Anglican church of St Mary’s where they were baptised and married…. So rich in history.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I am tracing my mother’s paternal side of the family and have discovered that my four-times great-grandmother Mary Heath (born c.1808) came from Worplesdon. She moved to Barkingside in Essex when she married her husband Charles Young. She had at least one brother, George Heath, who by the first census in 1841 had moved to Guildford, was married with kids and working as a blacksmith. If there’s anybody here who shares these ancestors I would love to know, especially if you’ve managed to trace them back any further or have any additional information.

    1. Moira MacQuaide Hall says:

      I’m writing a book on the history of Burpham Village. The Heaths lived on London Road in Burpham for many years, owning the Anchor & Horseshoes inn and the blacksmiths. Her brother James (b. 1801, d. 1846) was the Burpham blacksmith, as was his father James and grandfather George. I believe that George did his apprenticeship in Guildford and then he worked there for a while before becoming the Burpham blacksmith. I’ve got quite a lot of information about the family and am willing to share it if you are interested.

  10. Helen says:

    My mother’s cousins were the Bailey family. James Bailey was the miller at Heath Mill. He and his wife had sons Reg, Charlie and Dick. They lived in a house opposite The Fox and then moved into the bungalow on the site of the original Malt House Corn Stores and ran a shop from there as well as delivering animal foods around the area. The bungalow still stands but the Corn Stores have long gone and houses occupy the land.
    I am the last family link and hold the original family photographs. I have always felt that they occupy a place in local history. I shall make sure that I pass these photographs on to the appropriate society/historical body at some time in the future.
    Photographs are published in the book “Watermills of Surrey” (sorry, I don’t have it to hand at this moment).
    If anyone can help to point me in a good direction for this I will be happy to hear.

  11. DENISE McGREGOR says:

    I am trying to research my fathers birth family His father was William George Callingham who was married to Rose Callingham previously known as Rose Smith. In 1927 their address was Sandpits Cottage Pitch Place Worplesdon. My father was born 5 April 1927 and from private letters he was adopted very quickly after his birth by Mr and Mrs McGregor of Sea Lane Felpham Near Bogner Regis. Rose Callingham kept in contact with Mrs McGregor but few letters were replied to. Sometime in the 30’s or 40’s the Callinghams moved to Cypress Farm Compton Guildford. By 1949 Mrs Callingham was living apart from her womanising husband but shared her home with her brother.
    Any help most appreciated

  12. Claire Conboy says:

    Hi I’m looking for information on the Carey family. They were travellers and my g.grandfather Dangerfield Carey and his brother Levi were both registered to go to school at St Mary’s in Worplesdon.
    Was there a big gypsy camp in the area? They travelled around Surrey,
    Middlesex and Kent (his elder Sister Richelda was born in Brentford, in 1911 he lived on Chobham Common and his sister had married a Bagley).
    I would love to see any records or photos of the school.

    1. caroline miller says:

      Please check out the Worplesdon and Perry Hill School Facebook page. There is a reunion of Perry Hill School (formerly St Mary’s) on Saturday 22nd September 2018 at the Worplesdon Place Hotel at 7pm.

  13. David Whyman says:

    I would like to know which house Frederick Courteney Selous the famous big game hunter and author lived prior to 1917 when he was killed in action in Africa .Are there any photographs of this house .He gives his address as Heatherside, Worplesdon

    1. Stephen Coles says:

      He lived in the house which is now Norfolk House. It is on the Guildford Road close to Ash Road. We live there but are moving in two weeks having been here for 26 years.

  14. Gill Tootill says:

    Hi My dad Ernie was evacuated to Worplesdon from Streatham, he always spoke so fondly of his time there. He stayed with the Fisher family in Holly Lane I believe. I have a few photos of the family if anyone knows them. Dad’s mum and auntie eventually moved down too for the duration of the war and worked in a factory. I think the son was called Dennis Fisher and the dad may have been Cyril. I believe some of the family moved to Aldershot in the 60s or 70s.

  15. Michael Sheldon says:

    Very interesting reading about Philps shop and garage. We had our daily newspaper from Philps when we lived at Merrist Wood College. I am particularly interested in any information of the plant nursery that grew Lily of the Valley for the flower market. Can anyone remember the name of the people who ran the business and where it was located in Worplesdon. Any information greatly appreciated.

  16. Bee says:

    I have been searching my family tree. Im trying to work out why two of my ancestors born in Norfolk would move to Worplesdon have their children then move back to Norfolk later. He was a Foreman and Farmer and when he moved back to Norfolk he became a Farming Baliff. I wonder whether it might have been a business tactic or if it was war related. He is listed in 1881 – Norfolk, 1901 – Worplesdon and then 1911 – Norfolk. Any suggestions you have might be useful. The family name is Starkings.

  17. Bee Blezard says:

    I have been searching my family tree. Im trying to work out why two of my ancestors born in Norfolk would move to Worplesdon have their children then move back to Norfolk later. He was a Foreman and Farmer and when he moved back to Norfolk he became a Farming Baliff. I wonder whether it might have been a business tactic or if it was war related. He is listed in 1881 – Norfolk, 1901 – Worplesdon and then 1911 – Norfolk. Any suggestions you have might be useful. The family name is Starkings.

  18. Christine Wells says:

    Hello, I am trying to find out about a house that belonged to Ian and Liesel Menzies in or about 1939. Referred to as “Worplesdon”, it is described as “a large country house, on the golf course near Guildford in Surrey”. Any more information about the house would be greatly appreciated.

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