This L-shaped parish, with the village in the north part, is situated south of the main Reigate-Dorking road (A25). The parish has always been crossed by east-west routes but the form of the village has been most influenced by the north-south route off the Downs at Pebble Coombe. The village grew as a tight cluster of buildings around the church at the north side of the river crossing, closely related to the Betchworth House estate. Henry Goulburn (1784-1856), statesman and Chancellor of the Exchequer, lived at Betchworth House. Many of his papers, including correspondence with the Duke of Wellington, the victor of the Battle of Waterloo, and the Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel, are held at Surrey History Centre.

St. Michael’s Church stands at the southern end of Church Street. Parts date back to the 11th century, but the majority is 13th century work with restorations of 1851 and 1870. The southern part of the village has changed little in the last 100 years or more, while the northern end has seen some modest development and infilling of the grounds of the substantial Victorian houses.

Click here to see the catalogue of the St Michael, Betchworth,  Parish Records (1558-1922) held at the Surrey History Centre.

Betchworth Church, 1903
Photographic Survey and Record of Surrey no. 3194

In the early 1820s John Hassell painted watercolours of Upper Betchworth House, Councillor Kendrick’s house and Betchworth Manor House, Henry Goulburn’s house.

Betchworth railway station, less than a mile to the north, opened in 1849.

Key sites

  • Betchworth Castle – ruins of a medieval fortified manor and 18th century house made into a romantic ruin.
Betchworth Castle - ruins of a medieval fortified manor and 18th century house made into a romantic ruin Surrey Photographic Record and Survey no. 3194

Betchworth Castle, 1908
Surrey Photographic Record and Survey no. 3194

Further information

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13 thoughts on “Betchworth”

  1. J Lewis says:

    In your “overflow” cemetery did you have the grave of Basil Dearden? Was it later moved?

  2. Bernard Hawkins says:

    Basil Deardon remains in Grave 368 to this day. Burial Ground Caretaker 7/8/16

    1. Charlotte says:

      Hi, I have been researching my family history & have come across the Harman family. Could you tell me if there are any Harmans buried in Betchworth, at St. Michael’s? Any Dates between about 1740-1800? Many thanks in advance for your kind attention. Charlotte

  3. Jean says:

    My great grand parents came from betchworth, granny was born at merton hall farm, great grandfather was harry botting, is there a marriage entry anywhere,

    1. Hello Jean
      I’ve just come upon your message here. My Great great Grandmother was Ann Botting from Betchworth and wondered if there is any connection between your ancestor?
      Vicky Williams (nee Martin)

  4. Rick says:

    I am curious whether there are any records of battles with Danes or any other forces in the Betchworth?

    Also, would the river Mole have been a natural path for travellers to follow along moving West to East?

    Kind Regards,


  5. Timothy OConnor says:

    Please can you tell me if you have the graves of my friends 3rd great-grandparents:
    Richard Wed Nash who lived in Brockham – Buried 13 Apr 1882
    Sarah Nash who lived in Buckland – Buried 28 Jan 1893
    If yes can you please tell me if there is a headstone.

    Kind Regards

  6. Wendy Hargreaves says:

    Hi, are there any DUFFELL families buried at St Michael’s?

  7. Lynne says:

    Does anyone know if there is a Felix Payne 1918 buried at St Michael’s? I would like to visit if there is. Many thanks.

  8. Bob Chandler says:

    Are there any records of monumental inscriptions at Betchworth? My relatives Charles and Julia Roffey were buried here in the 1920s / 1930s but I’ve been unable to locate their graves when I’ve visited.

  9. My great great grandad George David Mitchell Tickner was born Betchworth in 1825. The Tickner family remained in this area, Holmwood etc til the 1930s. I am writing up their story.

  10. Tamsen Fox says:

    My family owned The Old House in Betchworth from 1971-1980 and I would dearly love to find out if the house is available at all to rent. I heard it has been turned into flats and I want to find out about renting one or even renting the cottqge or the annex. Kindly email me with any info you might have in regards to The Old House, The Street, Betchworth, Surrey.
    Tamsen Fox

  11. Gary Frank Allison says:

    I am looking for any info re the Wonham family pre 1600 including William & his father Thomas.



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