This small, rather isolated settlement lies in a valley on slightly higher ground near to the meeting point of two small streams, which rise on the northern slopes of Leith Hill. It is surrounded by Wotton and Abinger Commons, 721 acres of land with access for the public, and is a hub of footpaths and bridleways. This whole area of Surrey was associated with iron-working, and the colour of the stream beds is still a reminder of the iron content in the underlying strata.

The place name Broadmoor is descriptive of the site. The first part indicates extensiveness and the latter part means marshy wasteland rather than upland moors. The better-known and much frequented Friday Street lies only mile to the west.

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2 thoughts on “Broadmoor”

  1. Mrs Angela Bathurst says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a house in broadmoor village, name of cartrights, do you have any information, please.
    Kind regards

    1. Robin Daly says:

      Hi Angela

      Yes that is a house in Broadmoor. However it’s spelled ‘Cartwrights’. What do you want to know?

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