About half a mile south of the main road A25 and 2 miles east of Dorking lies the village of Brockham, at a crossing point of the River Mole. The historic village surrounds a large triangular green with the parish church on the south. The road to the river crossing runs from the north-west corner. The name Brockham is probably a reference to Tanners Brook which joins the Mole just north of the green; the ham part indicating a homestead or settlement.

In the 13th century Brockham was in the possession of the de Warenne family and remained in the hands of the Earls of Warenne and Surrey as late as 1609. Henry T Hope of Deepdene, Dorking, purchased the manor in 1844.

The green is the important feature of the village with the many buildings of interest in attractive groups around the sides and on the approaches. The range of properties along the north is particularly valuable and offers perhaps the best-known view from across the green with the North Downs as an impressive backcloth.

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3 Responses to Brockham

  1. Cheryl Marshall says:

    I’ve seen a question from one of your viewers but I can’t find it again to answer it on behalf of my sister-in-law, Sue Cottrell. The text was:
    Vanessa Anne Carpenter says:
    February 15, 2016 at 7:39 pm
    Would like to meet anyone who lived at Wayhouse a childrens home Brockham Lane, Brockham Nr Boxhill and Dorking Surrey. During the 60’s. Home closed 1970.
    My name was Vanessa Freeman and brother David.

    I know that I searched for Way House. Sue does remember Vanessa and David and would love to make contact but I cannot find this entry again on your website. Please could you help?

    • Sue Hooper formerly Camber says:

      I was at Way House along with my Sister in the 60’s and remember Susan Cottrell along with her brother Robert. I met up with Jennifer Adams, another resident, some years ago but at the time found reminiscing difficult. I’ve got two beautiful grandsons now and feel they need to know about my time there so I’m hoping I can get some information from others who remember!

  2. Lyn palmer says:

    What was the previous name of the grumpy mole

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