The village sits on a ridge of land where the old main road, now the main Reigate-Dorking Road (A25), turned south-west.

St. Mary’s Church is close to the main road and is of the 14th century, rebuilt in 1860 by Henry Woodyer. Some 14th century stained glass is about the finest example of such work in the county.

The village pond is attractively restored and the green is well kept. From its corners run two quiet, cul-de-sac lanes and the whole scene is in direct contrast to the noise and traffic of the main road, which separates it from the southern half of the village.

This part of the village has a number of larger houses, some of whose gardens have now been built on, served by Buckland Street, the old Reigate Road. The tight nucleus of the settlement, a conservation area, is surrounded by a scattering of farms and open land.

“For nearly a century, the War Memorial in Buckland has stood in pride of place beside the village green, in one of the most picturesque locations in Surrey. Most people passing through the village rarely give it a second glance. It is always there, unchanging, a part of the furniture of the green and as unlikely to move as the trees. Yet it is so much more. It is a silent tribute to the sacrifice of those whose names are inscribed thereon, who lost their lives in the two great wars of the twentieth century.” The introduction to James Day’s book about the Buckland War Memorial and the people and events it commemorates. Click here to view a pdf (PDF circa 180 mb) copy of the book.

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2 thoughts on “Buckland”

  1. Sharon says:

    Buried at the Church is the local bobby who was called Harry Potter.

  2. Tony Westbrook says:

    Spent a very lonely childhood here my bedroom overlooked a gun site and searchlite where they took potshots at v2
    rockets. Within earshot. was the Jolly Farmers a stopover for Troop convoys I read a story about the village population would take in the school children during a raid Fact: They did not … the village bolted their doors and we were left to scatter where we could. Often in the vicarage opposite the church. presuming that if we did get hit we would die a little more close to God. Now the village is occupied by well off execs from London. But those hills O how I loved them! And the woods and fields and Reigate Heath! … later to save my health we evacuated to Canada. I ‘drop in’ once in awhile to Buckland from My Computer Still Beautiful and it still looks abandoned and forlorn. And the hills look much lower. Guy Fawkes bon -fires in the empty pond .. reflections on the church walls as though it too was on fire.

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