Box Hill: Mobilisation Fort

Box Hill Fort Mobilisation Centre, near Dorking, was built about 1892 and was used to store ammunition and equipment as part of the London Defence Scheme. The fictional story of ‘The Battle of Dorking’ helped to make the threat of war from the French seem more likely.


Box Hill Fort
Image: Richard Purkiss

The fort is now used by several species of bats. It is located just downhill from the car park at the top of the hill.

4 thoughts on “Box Hill: Mobilisation Fort”

  1. Dawn slater says:

    Can you give me a history of owners to the present date of who has owned the fort

    1. Irene omer says:

      The land belonged to the ‘Worth’s then taken over by Tony Nutt for development.

  2. Martin Weselby says:

    There were two entrances to the fort… one can be seen and the other is the opposite end. In the 1960s and early 1970s, Mr Ernest (Ernie) & Mrs Kirkland lived. Ernie died in 1972 and his wife moved out and died some time during the 1970s. During this period a Mr Frise (not certain of the spelling) live at the other end of the fort. Once these people moved out it was never occupied again. The conditions inside were very basic.

  3. Martin Weselby says:

    Regarding above comment: I am talking about the Mobilisation Fort at the end of Fort Road, Box Hill (in a private location) and not the fort at the top of Box Hill near the Zig Zag. They are both of similar construction.

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