Holmwood: Redlands Farmhouse, Redlands Lane

Redlands Farmhouse, Redlands Lane, Mid Holmwood. Image: K.Atherton

Redlands Farmhouse, Redlands Lane, Mid Holmwood
Image: K.Atherton

Redlands farmhouse sits at the end of Redlands Lane to the west of the A24, at the foot of Redlands wood. Built in the sixteenth century it originally had three bays. It has several later additions. The farm also has an early sixteenth century barn, an eighteenth century milking parlour and a nineteenth century granary.

Recorded as a farm since at least the sixteenth century, it was owned by the Sondes family in the seventeenth and during the late eighteenth it was part of the great Bury Hill estate.

3 thoughts on “Holmwood: Redlands Farmhouse, Redlands Lane”

  1. dawn steele says:

    hi, my great great grandfather richard sturges is on the 1881 census as living at redhill cottages holmwood road is this near this place, he is down as a bricklayer. could you give me any info on his trade at the time. and his living conditions , thankyou .

  2. Angie Bolton says:

    My great great grandparents James & Harriett Gadd and family lived at Peters cottages Holmwood in the 1891 census, would this have been a tied cottage belonging to the local land owner??? I know some of my Gadd family were still living close by in the 1930’s as my mum used to visit …Any information woud be very gladly received. THANKYOU Angie Bolton

    1. Kate Prest says:


      My grandparents and my father lived a couple of doors down from a Gadds, family. Must be the same. My grandparents were Rob and Ellen Ede and my Dad was Don Ede. They lived 2 Holmwood View

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