This village lies in the valley of the Milton Brook with Bury Hill to the east and Westcott Heath to the west, and is south of the main east-west route (A25). Milton Street is about half a mile to the east of Westcott. The cottages were apparently occupied by the estate workers of Bury Hill House and some of the present houses were formerly estate buildings. Bury Hill House was the home of Robert Barclay (1750-1830), whose collection of Surrey illustrations is held by Surrey History Centre.

For some 20 years, from about 1895, peppermint was grown locally, particularly at Milton Farm. The Brook was utilised as a water source for the small distillery, and initially the residue of the processes was let out into the watercourse. This caused a pollution problem in the stream and the Thames Conservancy quickly ensured that disposal was carried out on nearby land.

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