Prior to the coming of the railways, the local scene where Redhill stands today was a quiet rural backwater, with the low lying parts mostly bog land and higher levels mainly used for growing cereal crops. The area was divided into sub-manors of Reigate which included Linkfield, Frenches, Redstone and Hooley. Small hamlets existed around Linkfield Street; Linkfield Lane and Wiggie. The oldest public house was the White Lion in Linkfield Street. The London to Brighton road constructed c.1818 resulted in rapid development around Warwick Road and North Street, which became known as Warwick Town.

Redhill is located about 2 miles east of Reigate town centre and 20 miles south of London. It embraces three ecclesiastical parishes, namely, St John’s formed in 1844 which serves Earlswood, St John’s and Meadvale, St Matthew’s formed in 1867 and Holy Trinity formed in 1907 both of which serve Redhill town and adjacent areas.

With the building of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (circa 1840), Redhill developed rapidly as a sub-district to Reigate. The railway provided the opportunity for people to move into the countryside and commute to their work in the city. The station was known as Reigate until 1849 when a branch line was built linking Redhill, Reigate, Guildford and Reading. It was then known as Reigate Junction until 1858 and then as Redhill Junction, becoming Redhill in 1929. Station Road intersected by the London to Brighton road became the main shopping areas of the town and by 1901 the population of Redhill had increased to 26,000.

Click here to see the catalogue of the St Matthew, Redhill, Parish Records (1855-1966) held at the Surrey History Centre.

Key buildings and sites

  • Redhill Market Hall (1860)
  • Redhill High Street
  • Union Workhouse
  • Post Office

Further Information

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114 thoughts on “Redhill”

  1. Elaine Attfield says:

    I am trying to find out about a place in Redhill Called Braden House which was in Frenches Road.It is listed on my Grandmothers (Born.1905) birth certificate as her place of birth and wonder if it was a maternity home.Would be most grateful if anyone can give me any information on this.

    1. ChrisMorley says:

      Elaine, I don’t have the answer to your question, but try the local Redhill library and archives.
      They should have old detailed Ordnance Survey maps e.g 1895 which should show and name the building.
      Check and use the detailed entries for Frenches Road in the censuses of 1901 and 1911, using the birth certificate information about your grandmother’s parents and occupations.
      Try their other sources like local trade directories which should list any maternity homes.
      volunteers are available to help you use the resources and equipment.
      First and third Saturday 2pm – 4pm
      Second and Fourth Thursday 4.30pm – 6.30pm.
      Telephone: 0300 200 1001

      1. Elaine says:

        Many thanks Chris,have only just found your reply and will most certainly use your very helpful information.

  2. kathy says:

    I am trying to find out what the big house called whitepost house in redhill was years ago

    1. Steve White says:

      Whitepost Lane is the line of the ancient route before the modern main roads were built – part of the east west route between Nutfield and Reigate.
      Notable properties are the Rising Sun pub (now a private residence) and the former sub post office in Whitepost Lane running beside Linkfield Street with an alley at the top of the hill connecting with Mill Street.
      Hope this helps

      Steve White
      On behalf of Redhill Centre for Local & Family History

  3. Jaine says:

    I’d like to know more about the Red Lion public house on Linkfield Lane next to the sports centre. I was asked to do some work there recently and the upstairs is clearly ancient – the beams and woodwork absolutely stunning – the walls are definitely lathe but plaster? he floors decidedly crooked and uneven. If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful

    1. Steve White says:

      The building was left to Reigate Grammar School in the year 1700 by Robert Bishop to pay the rent each year to pay towards the living of the master at the Grammar School. As a public house it originates from 1750 and is the second eldest in Redhill, the White Lion in Linkfield Street being the elder dating from 16th century.

      Steve White
      On behalf of Redhill Centre for Local & Family History

    2. Adrian Boar says:

      I lived at the Red Lion from the mid 1970s until mid 1980s. At that time there were still horse stables to the rear. I also attended the Grammar School.

      1. Stephen Prowse says:

        Then you must remember the grain mill just behind the “RED LION ” run by Hilda and Arthur…as a teenager i worked in the mill , horrendous, but what a privilege to have been a tiny part of our heritage. I also worked in the Pub run by Hilda and Arthur , they were absolute diamonds , a couple without reproach

    3. Stephen Prowse says:

      I worked there for Arthur and Hilda in the 70’s , what a lovely couple, taken over by someone else.. all i can remember was that the lady was called Isabell..and we all used to say ” is a bell necessary on a bicycle ” sorry to say , they were not a patch on Hilda & Arthur…rest in peace old darlings

    4. Stephen Prowse says:

      I lived next door to but 1 and worked fo Hilda and Arthur who ran the pub for ages , so sweet and kind .What is now a ” center” was ounce a beautiful manor type house , compulsory purchased and raised to the ground (madness), inches away from a national trust , which was equally fabulous . The pub had among other things a fabulous Edwardian Loo absolute gem …do hope it’s still there

    5. Stephen Prowse says:

      Feel free to call me and i can fill u in in all i know about the “RED LION” from 1970 to 1980..sadly all the surrounding area has been destroyed in the name of progress. We do so little to preserve our history and culture..what a crying shame regards Steve Prowse formerly of No1 Batts hill

    6. Stephen Prowse says:

      Please see other comments re ” The Red Lion “

  4. Jeanette says:

    Hi. Does anyone know of Style Cottages,Brighton Road,Redhill from 1950-1957. i believe it was a boarding/lodginh house. Also 55 Warrick Road,Redhill.1957. Thanks for any help


    1. Steve White says:


      Can you email your inquiry to the Redhill Local & Family History Centre at Redhill Library (email [email protected]) please?


      Steve White

    2. Snowy says:

      Stile Cottages (Numbers 1-3) are in a passageway between Brighton Road and Garlands Road near the BP garage and Halfords. They appear in the Kelly’s Directories for 1954 & 1959 with names of the principle person living there.

  5. Phil says:

    I was in the priory park today and found an old bottle on the side was the name adams of redhill could anyone find out about this.

    1. David Rose says:

      A Richard Adams is listed in a late 19th century Surrey trade directory under Redhill in the section on grocers, dealers in wines, spirits and beers, as at 32 Station Road.

      I am a collector of old bottles and bygones and a committee member of the Surrey Bottle Collectors’ Club. I do not recollect seeing a bottle from Richard Adams.

      Can you please supply some more details: is it made of glass. stoneware, height, dimensions, etc?

      1. IVOR DAVIES says:

        Hello, i have and old wooden crate with a company name of which the first name is hard to read but as far as i can make out it is FOX— FOXALL LTD REDHILL SURREY, it also says NON RETURNABLE so i assume it is a brewery of some-kind any info would be appreciated, thanks Ivor

        1. Snowy says:


          There was a large firm called Foxboro Yoxall in the Redhill area in the late 1950’s. I believe they manufactured electrical instruments though.

          Another local name is Boxall that may fit

          Steve White

          1. johnno says:

            Foxboro Yoxall was there until 1990 – in Wiggie Lane.

    2. ROD LANE says:


  6. Malcolm Knight says:

    Hi i was wondering if anyone can help. My mothers birth certificate states she was born in St Johns Redhill in 1921. I cant seem to find a hospital/maternity home with that name on the web – is it still there, what was it etc. Many thanks

    1. Snowy says:


      St Johns is a part of of Redhill on the southern border with Earlswood centred around St John’s Church.

      There was a Redhill Hospital on White Post Hill which is now a Nursing Home although I understand some maternity facilities were done at the Reigate Union Workhouse at Pendleton Road on Earlswood Common near St John’s Church. The Workhouse later became Redhill General Hospital (circa 1936 – 1991) before transferring all units to the newly built East Surrey Hospital.


      1. Valerie morse says:

        Your mother was probably born at home. Near the church there was a row of houses and the address for them was St John’s. I think more house have been built there since so I don’t know if the name have been changed. I lived in St Johns Road until 1960.

    2. Chris Rusbridge says:

      Valerie is right there are cottages that are called St.John’s and they are still there. Hope you find the info you need.

  7. Rachael says:

    I wonder if anyone knows of a surgeon or doctor in Redhill around 1866 named WIlliam Wotton? He gave his address simply as Redhill, Reigate, Surrey when he joined the Royal Geographical Society in 1866. I am trying to find out where he lived in Redhill.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Snowy says:

      I have found a William Gordon Wotton on the 1869 Electoral Register living in Station Road, Redhill. Could this be the individual you are looking for.

      i will see if I can find a local Kelly’s Directory for the period when next at Redhill Library


      Steve White

      On behalf of Redhill Centre for Local & Family History

      1. Rachael says:

        Dear Steve,

        Thank you very much indeed for this very helpful response, and offering to go to the trouble of checking Kelly’s directory for me. This is indeed the right man- WIlliam Gordon Wotton.

        Phil- I think your web site and message board are terrific resources. Thank you.


        1. Steve White says:


          Is William’s brother Emmerton his proper name please?
          I can find Emmerton in the census from 1851-1881 under a number of mistranscribed surnames. I can also see a baptism, death and probate record for Richard Brydges Wescomb Emmerton Wotton. Probate links to Lake and Fawsset families. All taken from Ancestry UK.

          Let me know if you need anything further on [email protected]


          1. Steve White says:


            Have looked on the 1867 & 1874 Kelly’s Directories for Surrey with no luck for either brother in Redhill / Reigate sections. These Directories are more for Trades than residential addresses though.


  8. Joyce Herbert says:

    I am trying to trace information on my aunt Millicent Irene Herbert on 1911 census she was stated 4/12 months born in Reigate but there is no trace of her birth her parent were Joseph Herbert and Ethel Milliy May Herbert(nee Byron) The only birth that fits is for a Millicent Irene is Millicent Irene Marshall born 29 Nov 1910 St Johns, Redhill.m.d. her parents were Joseph Marshall of Reigate and Millicent Marshall (formaly Byron) I cannot find out anything about the name Marshall can anyone help me with info

    from Joyce

    1. Snowy says:


      A personal reply to your email address is on its way.


      Steve White
      On behalf of Redhill Centre for Local & Family History

  9. John says:

    I’m trying to find a property my parents built in Redhill in late 60’s. Unfortunately I don’t know very much about it as they separated and I became estranged shortly after and both died before I found out any details. All I know is that it was in a private unpaved cull de sac backing onto fields, there were two matching detached houses mirrored, the other built by a family friend. I understand that my father designed them.

    Any thoughts on where this could be would be gratefully appreciated.

    1. Steve White says:


      Please communicate with the Redhill Library volunteers at [email protected] to pursue this further.

      A little more information would be great. Parents names, do you have a copy of their marriage certificate to show where they were living at the time of marriage or what is shown on your birth certificate. Were they living nearby during the 60’s. Any other clues you are able to offer would help.


      Steve White

      On behalf of Redhill Centre for Local & Family History

  10. Sandra says:

    I have traced my Father’s family back to John Comber who lived at White Post Hill, Reigate Foreign. He was a carpenter, builder, undertaker, postmaster, agent to the Church of England and Fire and Life Office. He was born 1787 and died 1867. Do you know where he carried on this work or anything about him? I do know the family later on were undertakers etc and had a business in Hatchlands Road. My info has come through searching over many years as there is no one left to answer my queries and I did not even know who my grandparents were and have no photos. I wish I could contact other members of this large family. Thank you for any help.

    1. Snowy says:

      Hi Sandra

      I can see mention of John Comber in two books about Redhill. The most detail is contained within A History of Redhill volume 1 by Alan Moore concentrating on the tender he won to be postmaster of the night mail. It also mentions that he also won the tender to build St John’s Church in Earlswood. (Also a sentence in volume 2)
      He is also included, albeit briefly, in a book by Nigel Dunne about Redhill too.

      Hope this helps.

      Steve White

      On behalf of Redhill Centre for Local & Family History

      1. Chris Comber says:

        Hi Sandra, Snowy,

        I am a Comber and related to John Comber. I believe he would have been my direct Great Great Grandfather, but I would have to check. Our family still live in the area of Redhill. I grew being able to see St. John’s Church from my bedroom window.

        Sandra. Feel free to get in contact. I can then put you in contact with the Combers in Canada.

    2. Chris Comber says:

      Hi Sandra,

      We must be related. I am a direct family member to John Comber. I grew up hearing about our family and what we achieved. We might be related to the Combers who owned The Rookery in Westcott, Dorking, a very impressive old house which was demolished last century. We also have family in Canada.

      Kind regards,


  11. Pete Ashmore says:

    My query is for Steve White, Redhill Centre for Local & Family History.

    G’day Steve
    I got born on Sunday 09 July 1944, according to my research, at Thornton House, Warwick Road, Redhill and afterwards moved in with my grandparents Ernie & Maude Ashmore who ran the Royal Oak public house at 49 High Street.

    What I would really like is if you could find a photo of Thornton House and email it to me so that I can include it into my family history research project. I have run up and down Warwick Road on Google Earth but of course almost all the properties there are much newer than 1944.

    I would be so grateful if you can do this.

    Cheers, Pete Ashmore, Sydney Australia.

    1. Steve White says:


      A response to your email address will be sent shortly.

      We have found the property as a maternity home in a 1940’s listing.



      1. Callie says:

        Hi, my Father was also born in Thornton House, Warwick Road, Redhill (mentioned above) in 1945. I too am hoping you could give me an exact address and/or email me a photo to go with my family history research? Any info you could provide would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you.

        1. Snowy says:


          Extract from the earlier reply:

          Searching our records, I initially found its location in Kelly’s Directory for Reigate & Redhill 1959, between nos. 41 and 47 Warwick Road, described as ‘Thornton House Maternity Home (East Surrey Hospital)’. Kelly’s 1942 has it as ‘The Annandale Nursing Home’.

          Earlier newspaper and directory records described the property as follows: the 1930s it appears to have been ‘Thornton House Boarding and Day School for Girls and Boys; in the 1940s as ‘Annandale Nursing Home’ and also ‘Thornton House Maternity Home’ – and in the 1950s as ‘Thornton House Nursing Home’.

          In 1964 there was a newspaper reference to ‘Redhill Nursing Home, “Annandale”, 28 Warwick Road’ and in 1979/1980 as ‘Annandale Nursing Home’ and ‘Annandale, Redhill Nursing Home’, all at 28 Warwick Road.

          Hope this helps



          1. Gerry Moss says:

            Thornton house is currently being converted to flats. It was initially the headquarters of the Caterham Spring Water Company then became Thornton School which is why it was called Thornton House nursing home (where I was born). It is a splendid building with a plaque for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee on the peak of the facade. Annadale was further along Warwick Road on the other side.

            Gerry Moss

        2. David Caldecourt says:

          I was born there in July 1946.
          Lived in Fengates Road for the next 20 years.

    2. Barry says:

      Hi Steve. I was also born in Thornton House. Aug 1944. From what I remember, Flats ( I think Council Houses) have now been built on that site which I think was called the Crown Estate. Good Luck.

      1. Vincent Klimas says:

        I was born there too in April 1952 but could not find anything about it. Most of my first 6 years were spent at my Nans in Victoria Road and l first went to Hooley Lane Scholle in 1955.

        1. Amy says:

          Hi everyone, for those still interested in Thornton House, it was initially the East Surrey Water board’s offices. It also houses a bomb shelter at the back of the original house which was used for the local residents in the area for air raids. It then became a school for girls a maternity ward, sheltered accomodation and finally my home!
          It was renamed Hilary house some time ago which is why it may not appear in many records. The house was converted into 3 homes last year. I’d love to hear more stories about it if anyone has any to share.


          P.s. I’d happily send some photos to anyone interested. The plaque of Queen Victoria is still up too.

          1. Canon David Frost says:

            I was also born in Thornton House on January 12 1954. My father Michael, was the Minister of Redhill Baptist Church, which was in London Road until a new church was constructed in Hatchlands Road in 1961, and is still being used today.

            Our Manse was then at 63 Ladbroke Road, whee we lived until we moved to Godalming in 1962, then to Hindhead, and finally to Hove in 1972.

        2. roger william boxall says:

          Hi Vincent l was born there in 51 every time l drive past l look and think of mum
          Regards Roger

  12. Sally Claus says:

    Hello there,
    I am trying to find out some history about my home built I believe between 1875-1885. It is on Earlsbrook Road, Earlswood and was previously known as Westbrook House. Strangely, it comes under the parish of St Mary’s Reigate rather than St Johns. The house has quite a lot of original features some of which look quite church like such as “birds beaks” to wall corners. Would be really interested to know if there is any history.
    Many thanks

  13. Paul Harris says:

    I wonder if anybody has heard the name of H. POWLE who had a business in Redhill sometime in the 19th Century and perhaps later ?
    I am restoring an old clock (possibly as old as 1850) with the name of H. POWLE, RED HILL on the dial and would very much like to know whether H. POWLE was an actual clockmaker or had a more general business which included supplying clocks.
    It may be that the space between the words Red and Hill could be a clue as to dating ?
    Any help gratefully received.
    Many thanks.

    1. Steve White says:


      Could the name be FOWLE?

      Steve White

  14. ian Harrison says:

    Has anyone come across Jack and Ellen (nee Tilbury) Stones who, I gather, from family notes lived in Redhill and ran a school for “errant boys”? The pertinent period would be approx. 1920 to 1940s.

    any help / guidance would be appreciated!



    1. Steve White says:


      Suggest you try the Royal Philanthropic (Farm) School.

      Personal reply to follow.

      On behalf of the Redhill Centre for Locan & Family History

  15. Richard Myddleton says:

    I was a former resident of Redhill and as a boy went to the Sunday School at Battlebridge Hall, Frenches Road, Redhill. I believe this was run by a Mr. Field of the ‘Torchbearers’. Can anyone enlighten me on this Sunday School?

    1. Steve White says:


      What sort of period (decade) are we talking about please?



  16. Vonni Wood says:

    Hello … I was born in Redhill and I’m trying to find out about the first house I moved into with my young family, in 1980, and I would very much like a photo of it if there is one. The address is 1 Chapel Road, Redhill. I understand it was a compulsory purchase by the council from the previous owner and had a ten year lease, at which point the house would be knocked down and the area would be subject to re-development ( which did happen). I would like to know when the house was built and I would also be very interested to see the plans of the original house. It was a magnificent detached house when I lived there, with two cellars and a door in the floor to reach them. The front door was heavy and leaded and there were original doors and fireplaces in each room. I hope you can help with any information regarding the house and its occupants of past times or point me in the right direction please ? Many thanks.

    1. Snowy says:

      The house appears on the 1901 & 1911 census with Harry & Laura Wilson living there. Harry was a piano tuner and at the 1911 census had been married for 20 years without children. In the 1891 census the houses are shown without numbers so it is hard to tell.
      I will follow this up with looking at maps and street directories when next at the local library.

      1. Vonni Wood says:

        Hello Snowy
        Thank you so much for your reply, which I’m afraid I have only just seen. I have noted the information you have given me and would be very grateful for other details should you find anymore. It’s very kind of you to look for me. I will check back here more regularly in future!
        Happy New Year to you and hope to correspond with you again soon. Many thanks in anticipation.

  17. ESP Admin says:

    Surrey History Centre has received a number of enquiries before concerning the Mothers and Babies Home in Linkfield House and have found the following:

    Linkfield House was situated in Linkfield Lane, Batts Hill, Redhill. The house was taken over by the Denmark Nursing Home which had been set up in around 1928 at 16 Grove Hill Road, Redhill. The nursing home took its name from Denmark House which was next door to the home and belonged to G H James. It was run by Mrs G H James as matron. The Home moved in around 1937/8 to Linkfield House in Batts Hill and remained there until around 1948. During this period it was known as Denmark Nursing Home and was a wartime nursing home for unmarried mothers. No records are known to have survived. Unfortunately, the records of mother and babies homes have a very bad survival rate.

    Very little seems to be known about Denmark House/Linkfield Lodge. No records of its time as a maternity home appear to survive, so that the birth certificates of those who were born there, are probably the only proof of its existence as a maternity home. This seems to be a common situation regarding the many wartime, emergency maternity homes.

    The original Linkfield House/Denmark Nursing Home still stands. In recent years it has been the HQ of the local Territorial Army unit and the Army Cadets. The TA is scheduled to leave there very soon, so what future Linkfield House now has, is unsure.

  18. Pauline Jones says:

    I am currently researching my mother’s origins. She was admitted to St Anne’s Poor Law Institution in Redhill on 5 July 1923. The entry in the register states : Deserted, left by mother at Mrs Margries, 13 Grove Road, Redhill.
    I have looked on the electoral roll for 1923 and there is no mention of a Mrs Margrie. The autumn electoral roll for 1923 lists a Henry Margrie. Other residents at that house include Clara and Walter Pyke and Thomas and Margaret Miles.
    I can’t help wondering why a baby would be left in this household. I understand that there were mother and baby homes in the area – but they appear to have been later than 1923.
    Any suggestions for lines of enquiry?
    Many thanks.

    1. Steve says:

      Could there have been a newspaper report been made of the event or around the time?

      1. Steve says:


        Found nothing in Kelly’s Directory for that year to suggest Grove Road was mainly residential. Had a quick look at July 1923 Surrey Mirror and did not find anything relevant either.

  19. John kenny says:

    Hello helpful friends!
    I am wondering why Lyndale Road, off Monson Rod, Redhill is so named?
    Any connection to the Monson Estates elsewhere in the country? If so where? Or something more prosaic? I would be very grateful to gain from your knowledge.

    1. Steve says:

      I believe Lyndale was the name of the house on London Road opposite Claremont Road. Found on 1896 map of the area before Lyndale Road is shown. By the 1913 map Lyndale Road features but not the house.

      1. John kenny says:

        Thank you very much Steve

        1. John kenny says:

          Any clue as the way he name of the residents of Lyndale House, steve or others. An search by me has not helped.
          As there is a well and was a dairy just behind Lyndale House (well and memories of a dairy still exist) , and as the area nearby is medow land I m wondering if they kept milk cows.
          Also I m wondering, as there are still stables if there was some kind of stables for changing your carriage s horse on the London to Brighton road.
          Is there and evidence of such business undertakings?

  20. Susan Stewart says:

    Are there any records for the workhouse? I have a family mystery I’m trying to solve. He was born in around 1886. Although all my family are from Chesterfield, I was born in the hospital (same building?). I’d love to find out a bit more about him. I suspect he was an illegitimate son – his status on census returns changes.

  21. John kenny says:

    Hi there
    A neighbour told me of a local memory that there was an Italian internment camp during WW2 on Carlton Road, Redhill, Surrey .
    Can you find any records to prove this.
    There were up to recently Nissan huts on the grounds of the old bishop Simpson s girls school on Carlton Road. Can anyone say if there is a connection to them, or not?
    John kenny

  22. Elaine Stebbings says:

    I had a youth holiday at a boarding school in Redhill/Reigate in 1961. I would like to find out the name of it. I have searched Google and found nothing. I think it was called something like ‘Repton’ or something similiar. Do you have any records of boarding schools in the area which rented out their facilities to youth holiday companies? I just wanted to find this out to help me with my autobiography I am writing which I am trying to be as detailed as possible. I remember it was off the beaten track and was surrounded by trees.
    Thank You

    1. Becca Bridges says:

      Hi, have you tried the Royal Albert and Alexander school in Redhill ?

    2. Bennett Williamson says:

      Was it Radnor house by any chance? I went there in the 1950s and 60s.
      Abyone else who went there I would love to hear from you!

      1. Trevor Jarvis says:

        Yes I went to Radnor House School in the late 1940 early 1950 having been sent there by my parents because I failed the entrance exam to Reigate Grammar School. The headmaster was a Mr Hollberton. Frankly it was a dreadful school the teachers were constantly leaving so there was no continuity. We were not taught any of the sciences at all. I was so pleased to leave.

  23. Jane Gray says:

    my company set up in 1945 and the address was: ‘Wiggie works’, redhill. That is all the information the bank has and I cannot find where this may have been in Redhill. Has anyone heard of ‘Wiggie works’?

    1. Steve says:


      There is a Wiggie Lane in Redhill – Originally leading to Wiggie Farm

  24. paul whitehouse says:

    I’m trying to find out about the previous history of the area now occupied by the Watercolour estate, could you offer any help please?

    Best regards

    1. Steve says:


      A book written in the early 1800’s by Manning & Bray (vol. 1) will help you. have a look under Frenches Manor about page 310-320 available in Redhill Library

  25. Natalie says:

    Does anyone know where Tanyard Lane was in Redhill, I see ancestors living there on the 1911 census, I know of Tanyard Way in Horley but that is new housing and looking at the census – I have a hunch it is near Upper Bridge Rd, Whitepost Hill area…..
    Many thanks

    1. Susan Matthews says:

      Found this if it helps:
      Oakdene Road
      This was once called Tanyard Lane
      Bark Inn. Bark barn 18th wooden remains of Redhill tannery which was used for oak bark storage. In the 17th the tannery was owned by the Blatt family and by 1864 by the Bermondsey based Barrow and sons. It closed in 1961 when it was owed by Messrs, Bacon. The site is now housing

  26. Betty Rotteau says:

    My husband was born at 11 Southmead Road, Redhill in 1950. He lived there until the family moved to Canada. We are trying to find a picture of the house for our family tree book.The house still exists but when searching on Google Streetview it looks like the houses have been renumbered. Is there anyway of getting a picture of 11 Southmead.
    Thank you

    1. Steve White says:

      A personal reply has been sent.


  27. Patricia Jacobson says:

    My grandfather lived in Bridport Villa, Linkfield Lane, Redhill, Reigate, Surrey. Do you know how I could find photographs of this property?

  28. Linda Lundie says:

    Hi. Looking for records, Redhill 1969. Tony Stone, Michael Lundy, Nicholas Scott, Paul Roberts, Kenny Weller, Robert Brazil, Robert Pieri,

  29. Andy says:

    The photographs show that Redhill used to have some beautiful architecture. The Market Hall, ‘human’ shop facades fantastic. All gone in favour of cheap, temporary boxes in the name of profit, vanity and ‘progress’. The local planning department should hang its heads in shame at the heathen destruction of our more glorious past, they have allowed Redhill to become an unlovely mini-me of Croydon.

  30. Cathy says:

    I am trying to find information on Emma Lee, who lived at 18 Warwick Road Redhill in 1901 census , occupation states ‘apartments’ . does anyone know what this means and are there any photos of the property?

    1. Julia says:

      Any relation to the Lee family of Brighton Road? They had the Grocery Shop.

  31. Maria Victoria Garcia Azuero says:

    Does anybody have any information on the boarding school named St. Joseph´s Convent on Ladbroke Road, 22 I think. I would love to have the history. I believe it was built in the XIX century. It was demolished in 1994 and replaced by a housing project.

    I was a boarder for two years. I remember going through books and old postcards, at the school library. Unfortunately, at 16. I only have some photos and a lot of memories.

  32. Maria Victoria Garcia Azuero says:

    There is a public group on Facebook, named: St. Joseph´s Convent, Redhill, Surrey. I would welcome any old students who would like to join the group, and tell stories and share photos during their stay at school.

  33. Terry Fuller says:

    Hello…..I am doing some research on a member of my family Emma Rose Weeks…born in the Isle of White.In the 1911 census she was listed as a cook and the establishment was a large school which unusaual for the time had a few female pupils in a majority boys school.There were also a few foreign pupils….The head master was a MrParry but on the census form,there is no address for this establishment other than ‘Redhill’…In 1916 Emma married a William Jarman in Reigate , William was a serving WW1 soldier from Sittingbourne Kent. I am puzzling as to why this soldier was in Reigate at the time and wondering what was the school and were there any hospitals for wounded soldiers close by……Thanks…Terry

    1. Steve White says:


      A personal reply will follow however some details on the Royal Asylum of St. Anne Society can be found on this link

      There were a number of troops billeted around Redhill with barracks in Caterham and Guildford fairly nearby. There is also a great deal of heathland for manoeuvres and certainly Epson Downs (with its racecourse was used). Redhill Station apart from a main line route for London to Brighton it is a junction for East / West routes including embarkation ports such as Newhaven, Folkestone and Dover. No doubt on the reverse for ambulance trains.

      Also have a look at this list of WW1 Military Hospitals – Use the Postal code of either RH1 or RH2 in a search “find” criteria

      On behalf of Redhill Centre for Local & Family History

  34. Stuart Gase says:

    Hi there,

    I am looking to find images of the Staff and band of the Philanthropic Farm School from the 1860’s to 1870’s, particularly Edward Holman (1830-82), their Band and Drill Master. He also had connections with the Reigate Volunteer Rifles band.

    I have gone through the catalogue of the History Centre online catalogue but cannot see anything that jumps out as being relevant. Before I trek off to delve into the records I could do with a hint as to where to start looking.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best place/references ?

    1. Steve White says:

      See below

  35. steve White says:


    I believe the volunteers were formed in 1859 and I quote from a book about Reigate “with an encouraging response at Reigate, where 71 men were enrolled by the end of the year to form a company known as the Reigate Volunteer Rifles. This eventually became the “A” Company of the second Volunteer Battalion of the Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment). A second company called the “B” Company was formed in 1877. The Drill Hall in Chart Lane was built in 1874 and opened in 1875″.
    So I think part of the answer will be researching at Woking – the Surrey History Centre and the West Surrey Regiment archives

    Hope this helps

    On behalf of Redhill Centre for Local and Family History
    E mail [email protected]

    1. Steve White says:

      Further to the above there are at least six items from the Illustrated London News for the farm School 1851-1869 on this Website In total 25 if you click on “Philanthropic Road” on their Map

      You may also find some in the Francis Frith Collection

      Steve W

  36. Michael LUCKMAN says:

    have you know the boys went to St.Nicholas School London road back in 1960’s my name is Michael Luckman

    1. Stuart Bond says:

      To . Mr M. LUCKMAN I also went to St. Nicholas school London road Redhill back in 1960 to 1967 and have good memory’s of the old school days I am how living in horley when I was at school I lived in Farnham surrey I was a mate to David brown and John pickerharst

  37. Raju says:

    Does anyone know the history around the Alleyway between 46 and 48 station road, redhill.
    At one point it led to the side entrance to Woolworths.

  38. Zoe says:


    I am looking for anyone that has information on My Grandfather, Frederick Pullen. He was born in 1912 and later attended the police orphanage school together with his elder brothers Harold and Eric (who were shipped off to aus and Canada) before leaving at age 14 to become a boy soldier. after a surprisingly good army career ( he showed an aptitude for music and went to the army music college before becoming a member of the mounted band of the Royal Dragoon’s , now merged into the blues and royals) he returned to Redhill and worked at the monotype playing in and ultimately conducting the monotype brass band.
    Jack Barns and his wife Mabel were close friends of my grandparents and indeed my family remain in distant touch with Jack Barn,s family.
    Fred married Celina Miller Smith of Albert Road, Merstham who was the grand daughter of James and Martha Bonner and their daughter of Harriet. Harriet had 2 daughters from a later marriage , Lily and Pauline I think. My father Roger attended Radnor then Reigate Grammar School.

    As a child my parents returned to redhill and I went to St. John’s school reception round about 1980. We lived at Hilltop, Ridgeway road.

    I would love to know if anyone knows anything about my family especially if you are related somehow. I have loads of old photos to share

    1. Steve White says:


      Have you seen this site about the Police Orphanage in Redhill?

      In the bibliography you will see a link to this Note it is a “web archive” and can be slow – especially the photos. The last few items show residents pre 1913.

      You may also be interested this websites other site “Surrey in the Great War” not only recording WW1 casualties but Surrey stories and V A D details.

      Hope this helps



  39. Peter Bathe says:

    If you are interested in Sgt Edward Holman, have a look at
    If you having any pictures of either the Farm School Band, or the Volunteers’ Band, you might be able to pick out Sgt Holman, as he lost his right arm in the Indian Mutiny.
    Before he died at the beginning of 1882, he was replaced as drillmaster at the school by George William Bathe (former 2nd Corporal ASC), my GGGrandfather

  40. Angela Bolton nee Budgen says:

    please could you help me,on my mothers birth certificate her place of birth is stated as St Johns Redhill she was born in may 1935 her mother was unmarried and in service,and came back to her hometown to give birth in secret to my mum. My grandmother then left the baby there and returned to her live in job in Croydon.Luckily a member of the family found out about the baby and my mum was brought up by her mothers family in Redhill.
    In 1933 two years before my mothers birth in
    1935 my great grandfathers death certificate states that he died also at St Johns and the person who signed his Certificate is ” The Occupier” Does this mean my mother was born in the workhouse ? was St Johns the site of the Redhill General that became a hospital in 1936? I hope all this makes sense.. Thankyou

    1. Snowy says:

      St Johns is a largish area to the South of Redhill on the borders of Earlswood with its own Church and School. There are a number of St Johns Roads, Streets, Terraces etc. The Hospital (formerly Workhouse) lies off to the East of the area in Pendleton Road.
      Hope this helps for now.
      You can try the Redhill Centre for Local & Family History for some additional information if needed

  41. David says:

    Hello, I’d like to find details in the 1945-1955 electoral register for Garlands Road, Redhill. Specifically I’m looking for the family Hasledene, or Hazledene.

    Can anyone please help? (I’ve tried on ancestry but fail to find Garlands Road)

    Thank you.

    1. Snowy says:


      Have you tried the spelling Hazeldine?

      I found some entries in Garlands Road on Ancestry and in a later Kellys Directory under Haiselden – Approx mid 1930’s to 1959 if that helps.

  42. Stephen Haddelsey says:

    Hello – Can anyone tell me any of the history of St Anne’s School, Redhill? One of my relatives was a pupil at the very beginning of the 20th Century.

    I understand that it was built in 1884, and had closed by 1936. I’ve also heard it described as a school for the children of ‘reduced gentlefolk’, but I don’t know how accurate that description might be.

    Many thanks, Stephen

    1. Redhill Centre for Local & Family History says:


      The Royal Asylum of St Anne’s was founded in the Parish of St Anne’s at St Agnes in Aldersgate, London in the early 1700’s. In the 1820’s it occupied a site in Streatham, South London meant to accommodate 100 boys and 50 girls. By the mid 1870’s it was overcrowded with 200 boys and 137 girls and a site for a larger building had to be found. three Redhill men on the Board of Governors obtained land of approx. 20 acres next to Red Hill Junction station (as it was known then) and the building was officially opened in 1885. From the 1893 yearbook “Royal Asylum of St Anne’s Society – Redhill Surrey – Affording – Home, Clothing, Maintenance and Education – to the – Children of those who have – Once moved in a superior station if life – Supported by voluntary contributions”
      The building was designed by Messrs Hickmay and Sons of Parliament Street, Westminster – shaped in the form of an H and up to four stories high with a central clock tower 125 feet high.
      The history of the St Anne’s society spanned 210 years, whereas the school lasted at Redhill for only 35 years and finally closed just after the Great War due to loss of income sufficient to keep it going.
      From 1926 – 1935 the buildings were purchased by the Foundling Hospital which had been founded by Captain Thomas Coram in the 1730’s (similar to Dr Barnardo’s orphanages) and operated as the Foundling School – the school moved to new premises in Berkhamstead.
      St Anne’s was sold to Surrey County Council and became a home for the elderly around the same time as the Earlswood Workhouse was closed. The building was being phased out as a centre for the elderly at the time of a 1974 fire and threw up serious doubts about its future. It was finally demolished in December 1987 the clock being incorporated into the Belfry Shopping Centre.

      Credit to Alan Moore’s former website redhill-reigate-history for the majority of detail

  43. Angie Baker says:

    I have lived on Daneshill for many years, on a site which was originally part of the grounds of a large house called Daneshaven. St Joseph’s School occupies most of it now.
    I am led to believe that the Victorian artist Charles Davidson lived in Daneshaven for 15 years and painted many local scenes. One is called Red Hill and is in a private collection somewhere.
    I recently bought his work ‘A Redhill Farm’ at auction, in the belief that it would have been painted whilst the artist lived where I now live. In other words, I thought it would be nice to bring a painting ‘home’.
    Have I actually done so, or have a I bought a painting on hearsay and a nostalgic whim?!! (Victorian pastoral scenes are not in demand, and my finanical loss would not be great!!)
    It would also be great to try and pin down where the ‘Redhill Farm’ might have been. Maybe one of the buildings still stands….I would be bhappy to send a photo of the painting to anyone who might know.

    1. Snowy says:

      The Surrey History Centre have a Davidson print in their collection.

      A personal reply will follow shortly from a member of the Redhill Centre for Local and Family History

  44. Roger Hygate says:

    I am researching the occupants of 29 Monson Road Redhill and cannot find the entry for Monson Road in the 1911 Census record. That Road is not listed on the Enumeration 27 Summery Sheets.
    Can anyone help me with this record please
    Thank you

  45. susan tearle says:

    Hi Folks

    Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of William and Amelia Butt who lived at 17 Albert Road and then owned Wellin Farm in School Road, Smallfield, between 1939 and 1958.

  46. kay says:

    I am researching George Meeze born 1829 Painswick died May 1898 Reigate.George moved around Redhill a lot, but I believe he spent some years at a house called High Trees. An unknown local paper October 1893 states George had a pet goose called Jem ‘patronised by the Prince of Wales on his visit to High Trees.’Anyone know where High Trees was and if it still exists or has been photographed anywhere? I believe it might have been on Station Road as 1881 to 1890 George keeps appearing at an unidentified property on Station Road in electoral records.George then moved to Hatchlands Road Redhill and a Crosby House. I am trying to locate Crosby House as well-so far no luck. Any information gladly received as I would love to track an image of each.Many thanks

    1. Steve White says:


      A personal reply has been forwarded with links to Old Reigate website and some suggestions about a 1884 Royal Visit

  47. Kerry Higgins-Davies says:

    Hi there, trying to trace my grans background, I found out my gran attended a finishing school around 1943 /1944 for one year in Redhill. Would anyone know the name of it ? And whether i can find any further records for admission etc ? Her name was Valerie Bergin

    Many thanks

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