This is a natural mooring spot for boats on account of the bends in the river and the meeting with the River Colne to the north. Egham Hythe sits opposite Staines town centre on the south bank of the River Thames.

It remains an attractive area which led to former bridging points of the river when Staines was approached directly into what is now the Market Square. The remains of an early stone bridge of 1803 can be seen in the grounds of Ye Olde Bridge Cottage. The present Staines Bridge was opened in 1832 upstream of the historic sites, and the Hythe has been saved from modern traffic volumes. Nearby is Runnymede, where Magna Carta was signed in 1215. The RAF memorial is on the top of Cooper’s Hill.

There remain many buildings of interest and for those to the north the elevations overlooking the river and across to Staines are particularly important visually.

Click here to read about Holloway Sanatorium, founded in 1885 by a wealthy entrepreneur called Thomas Holloway.

Click here to see the catalogue of the St John the Baptist, Egham Parish Records (1560 -1908) held at the Surrey History Centre.

Did You Know?

A Late Bronze Age (2500 -700BC) settlement at Petters Sport Field, Egham, was excavated in the 1970s. The major finds were a hoard of about 80 pieces of bronze tools in a ditch. The hoard was possibly put there as a ritual when the site was abandoned.

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26 thoughts on “Egham”

  1. Sean Chapple says:

    I believe that my 3rd great grandfather attended Egham School Academy around 1841. Are you aware of any school records that available online for research? Also intested to discover more about the Academy?

    Many thanks

  2. Janet Pritchard says:

    I am from Australia and searching for my ancestors Daniel Tindal and Mary Wells they married on the 13/10/1763 Egham, would love to find their families etc.


  3. Beth Gordon says:

    My great great aunt Jeannie Boyd worked at the Dell as a dairy maid , she and her husband William Boyd ,a gardener lived at Propects Cottage , she died in 1900 and according to letters written to her sister the ”countess ” sent funeral wreaths from her and her family . Is there anyway of finding out who this countess is ???

    1. Graham Palmer says:

      My Great Grandfather John Palmer was the Butler at The Dell (ref 1881 Census). He died in 1899.
      A very important Banker John Henry (Von) Schroeder (German Baron) owned The Dell from 1864 and was later made an English Baronet Schroeder of “The Dell” in 1892. He had no children but a nephew, Bruno a future German Baron in his own right, but his uncle’s English title did not pass on. Although Bruno was not an actual Baron at that stage the “Countess” could have been his German wife. Bruno joined his uncle 1893 and as his heir would have visited or lived at The Dell with his wife and later moving to Heath Lodge (later Dell Park) near The Dell in 1899. These were ” A” list people in Victorian England and his Uncle was Queen Victoria’s “banker”. Bruno built Dell Park country house arround 1914-18, had 50 plus rooms but recently demolished for a new hotel down the road from Bishopsgate on Savill Court. He moved into the Dell in 1910 when his uncle died.
      We are tracking down our history and my English cousin has a “gift”, an album/book used for family photos given we believe to John Palmer’s daughter our Great Great Aunt in December 1884. Inside cover has a photo of a young woman and an inscription that reads “For Palmer, from Louise of Schleswig Holstein. She was a German Princess visiting Windsor with her sister and brother in law Prince Wilhelm (Kaiser Wilhelm II). We have a family legend about an Aunt working for a Princess that has been passed down by my grandfather who came out to Australia in 1891 at 14. He used to go to Windsor castle with her when visiting his Grandfather John the Butler at The Dell. We think the daughter /Aunt was made her maid while she was in England visiting Queen victoria, thus the royal gift. Trying to confirm if it was her We have the book but no first name. Vingtae Road show meest Who do you think you are.
      My question is about The Dell? Was it a country house now demolished? I have seen google maps and other historical survey maps show outline but no actual photo or drawings of it. It appears to have been located opposite the Fox and Hounds in what is now a new gated townhouse complex.
      Do you have or know of any drawings or photos of The Dell. It keeps being mentioned but no images. Frustrating!!!
      Love to have a photo because my Grandfather called his farm “The Dell” in memory of his visits to his grandfather and Aunt.
      Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
      Best regards
      Graham Palmer

      1. Norman says:

        Hi Graham,
        My great grandfather was a chaueffer for the Schroeder family but not sure of the exact dates. I have a picture of a rolls royce parked outside his house which is now a 55 bedroom hotel. He joined the freemasons and his butler joined on the same day. Baron Schroeder had interests in a large garden is Scotland and that is where my great grandfather and a butler with him joined the freemasons presumably introduced maybe by Baron Schroeder.

  4. Sandra Buckley says:

    I have a book of photographs belonging to my father.It seems he stayed at a camp somewhere by the Thames in Egham in 1937 with someone called Charlie and a two other men, I would love to know who they are.

  5. Janet Pritchard says:

    Truly a great site back again to have a look, noticed you have a Runnymede Panel I happen to be born in a private Runnymede Hospital where I live its rooms are now rented to the public. Regards, Janet Pritchard

  6. vic hill says:

    this is my brick wall.
    cannot find any james hill born 1786 who poss married susan who had son william hill born 27 feb 1820 at st johns church egham surrey
    also no hills are in the 1841 census that are related or born, to james /susan would like to find out who was susan that married james hill have a letter that james was born in egham 1786
    but cannot find baptism
    good to have a site like this back well done vic

  7. Kim Mewes says:

    Hello I attended Runnymede House School in the 60’s and am interested in any information. Thankyou

    1. Diane Cooper says:

      Hello, I also attended Runnymede House – in the late fifties and early sixties. I would love to hear from anyone who was there during this time. I understand that the school closed. Anne Cobley, Anna Nicholls, Jill Constable – Anyone who remembers back then – and If you are reading this please write. My name is Diane Cooper, from Virginia Water, Surrey. Thanks.

      1. Helen Pratt says:

        Hello, I also attended Runnemede House School beginning January, 1963. Some of the names mentioned above are familiar although probably in a higher grade than I was in 1963. I was one of the Australians, among whom was Margaret Ottaway, Judy and Penny Chenu, Heather Cheers, and others I forget. I remember Robina Baker, Gillian Purdon, Jane Ysner, and Sarah Dilley in my age group. We loved that school and were devastated when it all came to an end in 1967. Apparently the building was condemned, although there was also a scandal which may have been partly responsible for its demise. My maiden name was Helen Cox and we lived then in Virginia Water. I’m now in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

        1. Lynne Maxwell says:

          Gosh what was the scandal? I was there with some of the Aussies you mention… still in touch with some after many years. You must have been on the Qantas estate area?

        2. Christine McDonald says:

          Hi Helen, I’m Chris (Robbie) McDonald. I was the first of the “Qantas” group to attend the school, which was quite daunting having no other Aussies around. However I do appreciate the diversity in education, which back in those days much rarer than it is now. I remember Margaret quite well as I think she lived in the same street as us in Virginia Waters. I’m at Narrabeen in N.S.W.

          1. Margaret Beveridge says:

            Hi Christine,
            Margaret Beveridge ((Ottaway) here! I often wondered what happened to you. You were my first friend when we arrived in VW & yes, we lived down the road in Badgers Hill. I must have been the second Australian to go to Runnemede House. We arrived in July 1960. I loved my years at Runnemede – as you say very different from what we were used to back home, but what an experience we had. I am in contact with several of the girls from 1960 – 1964. Would love to catch up. We live in Wahroonga, so not too far!

      2. Lynne Maxwell says:

        Hi Diane
        I think I remember you… my sister Jane and I attended Runnemede House School (or is it Runnymede? I can’t remember now) We lived in VW and took the train to Egham… I think you lived on Abbots Drive or Monks Walk? I remember Jill Constable and maybe the others? The school closed in 1967 I think… now it is two houses. Any idea of the first name of Miss Butcher? Just curious

      3. Christine McDonald says:

        I remember Jill Constable very well. Also attended Runnymede House in the late fifties. It was a great culture shock for me as we had been posted to the U.K. from Australia. The schooling ad lifestyle were quite different, and while I was homesick I made some friends, and learnt a lot. I also lived in Egham for a short while later moving to Virginia Waters. I do remember going to Switzerland for an excursion with our French teacher (whose name I can’t remember). Would love to hear back from you . My name back then was Christine Robbie.

        1. Margaret Beveridge says:

          Hi Lynne,
          Miss Butchers name was Eleanor. I used to write to her for a while when we returned to Australia.

        2. Margaret Beveridge says:

          Hi Christine, I remember going to Switzerland with our French teacher , whose name was Mrs Leder & we stayed in a place called Alpnaschstad at the base of Mt Pilatus. Happy memories.

        3. Diane Cooper says:

          Hello Christine
          What memories we all have!
          Yes, I remember the school trip To Switzerland with our French Teacher.
          I believe it was Mrs. Leder. ( Not sure of the spelling).
          I have photos of some of us ‘sun bathing’ on the mountain and of the chalet we stayed in.
          Do you remember our Art Teacher? I believe her name was Valerie Whitlock – or Whitelock?
          I live in Vancouver, Canada now.
          I would love to hear from you.
          I am adding my email information.
          Cheers, Diane.

    2. Mark Brady says:

      I attended the (mixed) Kindergarten at Runnymede House School, 1952-55. Yes, it did close many years later, but I’ve never heard that the building was condemned or that there was a scandal that might have precipitated its demise.

      1. Hi Mark,
        Martyn Chillmaid here. As well as going to Runneymede House School I used to visit you at Strouds. Many happy memories of watching TV., particularly Peter Scott at your house. Also a stag beetle in a matchbox.
        Best wishes.

  8. Yvonne Tatnall says:

    My great grandfather, Francis Pritchard was born in Egham and baptised at St John the Baptist, Egham.on 6.11.1831. His mother was Grace Pritchard, spinster, I can find no further information about Grace and on the 1841 census Francis was living with Joseph Beanland and family at Pooley Green. Francis changed his name to Francis Bridgett before he married in 1859 to Ellen Green from Titsey. They married in Isleworth. I would love to hear from anyone who knows anything of any of these people and descendants.

  9. janet mains says:

    Does anyone remember a grocery store named ” Bungards ” it was down the high street,my father would often be their delivery man and would drive a little van during the 1946 to 1948 janet Mains (ne Tucker)

  10. phil says:

    does anyone know of the Turbine Engineers , I am looking for my birth mother she worked here as a machine operator in 1956 and 1957 maybe longer before and after. I have now hit a dead end as I cant find it? or the family of Jessop or Purdy

  11. Diane (Cooper) Nicholls says:

    Hello Lynne;
    I just received an email from the website I had posted on requesting to hear from other students at Runnymede House.
    Although that was a couple of years ago!
    Yes, I remember you and Jane
    You are correct – I lived on Monks Road!
    I think you are from Canada – but cannot remember exactly.
    I am now living in Vancouver.
    I would love to hear from you or Jane.
    Please drop me a line if you receive this.
    Would love to be in touch again.
    I hope this finds you well.
    Thank you for replying to my comment.
    Diane (Cooper)

    1. Lynne Maxwell says:

      Hi Diane… I received your reply and asked the host of the site to pass on my email address.
      Hope to be in touch soon

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