Shepperton is 2 miles east of Chertsey on the River Thames. Saxon artefacts have been found in the area and an Anglo-Saxon version of the place-name, ‘Scepertone’, probably indicates a shepherds’ hamlet.

St. Nicholas Church dates from 1614 but contains 12th and 13th century work. It has a Royal Pew at its west end approached by a separate external staircase. The Rectory adjoining is a fine building with a front of circa 1700 in mathematical tiles.

The first part of Church Square is fronted by hotels and shops while the farther part offers access to the river. The narrowness and bends of the main road are part of the local character and are included within the conservation area. Also included are Manor House, its grounds and the north bank of the Thames, which together offer an excellent vista from the riverside. There are separate parking, seating and boating areas.

Shepperton, boatyard with punts and church in the distance, 1890. Reproduced courtesy of The Francis Frith Collection

Shepperton, boatyard with punts and church in the distance, 1890
Reproduced courtesy of The Francis Frith Collection

Shepperton Studios has a long history of film making, which began in 1931.

Did You Know?

Many impressive pieces of Bronze Age (2500 – 700 BC) metalwork have been found in the River Thames, including a sword at Shepperton and spearheads from Sunbury.

Finds  from the Neolithic (4000 – 2200 BC) to the Anglo-Saxon (410-1066 AD) period have also been dredged from the river. Probably some of these were not lost by accident but were ritual offerings. Sometimes they may have been made with river burials, as many human skulls have also been found in the Thames here.

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4 thoughts on “Shepperton”

  1. Myriam Nieto-Saunders says:

    I am looking for the name of the electrical appliances shop in 1975 in Shepperton where the Queen Elizabeth charity shop is now any ideas where to find it?

    1. Phil Knight says:

      The name was something like “Vision Sound”. They moved or some of them opened “Cosmic” in Addlesetone, which is also closed now.

  2. Phil Ferris says:

    Does anyone know the history of Charlton House. Possibly in Littleton? Mddx

  3. Myriam Nieto says:

    May I ask what happened to the “on-Thames” part of Shepperton? when I came to England in 1973 all my documents form the Home Office had Shepperton-on-Thames on the address and it kinds of gradually disappear from documentations and I wonder why? it not as if Shepperton has moved or the river has dried up
    Also why do we call the 7th bridge Walton Bridge when the sign on the other side of the bridge at the beginning of New Zealand Avenue clearly says that is where Walton starts which a big sign “Welcome to Walton” that means the bridge should be Shepperton Bridge, just out of itnerest

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