Surrey Heath

Surrey Heath draws its name from the extensive areas of heath and woodland in the borough. This landscape is evidence that Surrey Heath had been populated since Prehistoric times, as heathland was caused by overgrazing during the Neolithic period.

Chobham is the only village mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, and this and Frimley were held by Chertsey Abbey in the medieval period.

Bagshot Heath was notorious for highwaymen during the 17th and 18th centuries. Bagshot was a prosperous village and many inns stood alongside the main road to London serving the coaching trade.

The heathland is also suited to military uses, and army camps began to appear in the 18th century. With the construction of the Royal Military College, now RMA Sandhurst, a small community began to form nearby, which is now Yorktown.

Nearby Cambridge Town was set up in 1862, with the establishment of the Staff College further to the east. To avoid confusion the town changed name to Camberley in 1877.

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5 thoughts on “Surrey Heath”

  1. mark clarke says:

    I am in search of the sawmill lightwater surrey, this would have occurred during the time of 1930s, as I know my own grandfather had worked there during this time,

    1. Keith chambers says:

      As a child in the 1960s there were sawmills at nearby West End which I remember. Gosden Road and associated roads now cover the site.

    2. D S Grove says:

      There was a sawmill at Lightwater in the 1930-40’s it was located on the western side of the road going into Lightwater from Bagshot on the old road ( pre M3), Having moved from Bagshot some 50 odd years ago I would pinpoint its position as being in the corner of the turn off from the M3 into Lightwater towards Guildford and the slip road onto the M3 going westward. I think that the name was or ended the name of Meyer. What was your Grandfathers name? I am 88 and lived in Bagshot until 1967.

  2. David Hill says:

    There used to be a saw mills in ambleside road Lightwater in the 1940s

  3. Wendy stanley says:

    That shop in bagshot square was my great grandfathers , Walter stanley . My grandfather was also Walter Scott stanley he had a sister that no one knew about . Would be great if anyone knew them .

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