This village is famous for the National Rifle Association championships which moved here in 1890. The competition is hosted by the NRA on the Bisley Ranges which is Ministry of Defence land and is also the base of the Royal Logistics Corps. Bisley has hosted shooting events for the 1908 Olympic Games and the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Bisley is a village about 4 miles north-west of Woking.

It was originally served by a railway line from Brookwood. The track was lifted in 1954.

The 13th century parish church of St. John the Baptist was donated by monks of Chertsey Abbey. It features a medieval bell and a 15th century porch said to have been made from a single oak.

A nearby spring known as the ‘Holy Well of St. John the Baptist’ was said to have medicinal powers.

Click here to see the catalogue of the St John the Baptist, Bisley, Parish Records (1561-1976) held at the Surrey History Centre.

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7 thoughts on “Bisley”

  1. colin glyde says:

    lived in bisley as a child and there was a myth that there was a tunnel which went from clews farm underground to the church, anybody know if there is any truth in this ?

    1. Rich Simmons says:

      I think it was Rev. Goatley that told us as kids many years ago that there was a tunnel, believed to be from the old air raid shelter to the Chruch and then possible back to the old vicarage, which was Coombe Manor.

      1. James Heanley says:

        Hi, I live at Clews Farm! Unfortunately it’s only an air raid shelter here, and quite a small one at that. We bought the house in 1972. Unless the tunnel was closed up before then, we haven’t found any more evidence of it. Kind regards,

  2. w ralley says:

    I was brought up in Bisley , I too , along with many kids , had heard of a tunnel from to Clews Farm . Many times I have drunk the water from ST. John the Baptist’s well . I remember it as very cold and bitter tasting . I went to the C/E Primary School it was near the Hen & Chicks pub , I also went to the Shaftesbury Boys” School , I believe the school chapel is now the Bisley Village Hall . Seems like ages ago now .

    1. Terence Chappel says:

      I was at Bisley boys school from Jan 1955 till Dec 1957 and yes the village hall was the school chapel

  3. Graham Davey says:

    It might be of interest that there is a Heritage Project organised by the Trustees of Bisley Village Hall who have been looking into the history of the Shaftesbury & Farm Schools and also Bisley School as the Village Hall was formerly the Chapel of these schools. They have lots of photos, and information but are always grateful for any contacts of past pupils.

    If you have any information about your time at the school that you would like to share please contact Graham Davey [email protected] 07753 672778

  4. Donald Newcombe says:

    I was wondering if anyone could send me iinformation on Bisley Hall orphanage.My father stayed there in the late 1920’s early 30’s. I would appreciate any information as my father left the Surrey area before the war to later marry my mother up north in what is now my birthplace of Sunderland. Dad suffered with a heart defect that was diagnosed when he was sixteen. An operation in his early thirties extended his life but he later died when he was 42. I was only 11 at that time so after recent research I’ve found very interesting facts about my fathers earlier years. I would like to find out more relevant information if at all possible. My father’s name is Joseph Brittain Newcombe. Born in 1918.

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