The name is derived from the Saxon name Fremmas Lea meaning Fremmas clearing. Frimley is a small town 2 miles south of Camberley and adjacent to the Hampshire border.

The land was owned by Chertsey Abbey from 673 until 1537. It was not listed in the Domesday Book but is shown on the map as Fremely. Frimley lunatic asylum opened in 1799 and there was also a workhouse. Brompton Hospital Sanatorium opened in 1904. The present Frimley Park Hospital opened in 1974.

The parish church of St.Peter was built in 1825 and replaced an earlier chapel of 1660.

Click here to see the catalogue of the St Peter’s, Frimley Parish Records (1590 -1961) held at the Surrey History Centre.

Frimley Park mansion was built in 1760 for Sir Henry Tichborne. It is now an Army Cadet training centre.

Frimley, the House, Frimley Park, c.1955. Reproduced courtesy of The Francis Frith Collection

Frimley, the House, Frimley Park, c.1955.
Reproduced courtesy of The Francis Frith Collection

Frimley Green is a village about one mile to the east of Frimley. The parish church of St.Andrew was built in 1911 by H.R. and B.A. Parkinson.

Read about Lucean Arthur Headen, an African American inventor a resident of Frimley in the 1940s and 1950s.

Frimley, the Basingstoke Canal near North Camp (now Ash Vale) railway station. Photographic Survey and Record of Surrey no. 6562

Frimley, the Basingstoke Canal near
North Camp (now Ash Vale) railway station.
Photographic Survey and Record of Surrey no. 6562

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  1. Rosemary lawson says:

    Looking for a book I bought at Frimley Brompton Hospital in the 1980. It showed pictures of segregated patients male & female, building of the sunken garden by the patients and stories of what happened to the patents after their stay at this TB hospital. I would love a copy of this book to read as I gave it to a patient during my stay and never got it back. Can anyone help?

    1. Maureen Baker says:

      Dear Rosemary Lawson. Almost 69 years ago I was born in Chelsea SW3. my father was a patient in Brompton Hosp late 1969 early 1970 and moved to rest at Frimley Hosp.My husband and I visited a few times. Sadly my father passed away a short while after. Ironically we moved to Knaphill,Woking 6 years ago after many,many years living in SW London and Chessington.We have tried to find the hospital where dad was. Even contacted Brompton in Chelsea.So Helpful. Followed links and wonder could you tell me the address of Frimly Brompton Hospital so we can visit(if it is still there) I gather it is Chobham Ridge which I cannot find. I would appreciate any reply. Many Thanks. Maureen Baker .

      1. Don Dovey says:

        The old Brompton hospital if still there because up to a few years ago it was Ridgewood Hospital which ironically was psychiatric hospital for Camberley and the surrounding areas. If you have access to the internet Google Pine ridge golf centre as the Ridgewood or former Brompton Sanitourim is opposite there. Hope this helps

      2. I’ve just found a letter ssenf from a dear friend who was a patient there in 1958
        Address she gave was
        Brompton Hospital
        Aldershot Hants
        They built. Reservoir in their grounds ThT May still be there
        Hope this helps

    2. Pat says:

      I was a patient at Frimley 1953/4 for 6 months and remember the sunken garden being covered in snow – very picturesque. I made a very good recovery and have children and grandchildren. Often wondered how others recovered. The hospital kept in contact with me for many years after I left.

    3. Alan Meeks says:

      I recently purchased a copy of a fascinating book entitled “Frimley: The Biography of a Sanatorium” by J. R. Bignall published in 1978 which fits your description. I obtained it through and I notice that several copies are available now (APril 2017) at varying prices from £6 plus postage.
      Hope this is still of interest.

  2. Shirley Gunner says:

    Hi. Maureen,
    The Brompton Hospital is now The Ridgeway Centre. It is siutated on the Old Bisley Road (between the Chobham Road/Upper Chobham Road roundabout at the bottom and The Maultway at the top). The Pineridge Golf Course is opposite. I hope this helps.

  3. Tina Carter says:

    Looking for anyone who can remember my Grandfather. Frederick Charles Carter. .left my grandmother and children in 1946 to lodge at the house of Mrs Lawsons. Frimley Green. . He was horn in Knaphill in 1909…and brought up by the Hall family as his mother died the same year he was born. He may of used the name John or Frank and was a landscape gardener I believe.
    Please let my father find his father’s resting place and get some closure.

  4. Joan Bendy says:

    I’m looking for some information about the house The Priory Hospital Woking in Knaphill now occupies. I understand it used to be known as Lynbrook. If anyone has any information or preferably old pictures, I would be very grateful.

  5. Marilyn (in Ohio) says:

    Does anyone happen to know if there are any art renderings or written information about Frimley way back to the middle 1600’s? My ancestry goes back to the Higley/Brewster families from Frimley, Surrey, England. Just curious what the area might have been like at that time, & what might have been happening politically & socially.
    Thank you from your friend in the U.S. !

    1. Mark Watson says:

      I should join this group Marilyn:

      There are maps dating from that period but not much else though!

    2. Michael Higley says:

      Marilyn, My family tree goes back to John Higley, born Surrey England 1594. Curious what your connection is?

      1. Marilyn Wojton says:

        Michael, my mother was a Higley, going back to John Higley from Frimley, Surrey England. I believe he had a son Jonathon, who also had a son John, referred to as “Capt. John” by the family genealogists. Jonathon died at age 40 when his son was a teenager, so John came to America, becoming an indentured servant to Mr. Drake. Mr. Drake had a daughter Hannah, whom young John eventually married. Jonathon was married to Katherine Brewster, who’s father was a minister, I believe & her father’s brother (her uncle) was a Mayflower passenger. May I ask if you’re in the US or England?

      2. Joshua Higley says:

        Hello! John Higley and Katherine Brewster Higley are my 11th Generation Maternal Grandparents!

        1. Brenda Martinez says:

          Hello Cousins! I am also descended from John Higley and Katherine Brewster Higley!

          Brenda Martinez
          Bellingham, WA, USA

    3. Josh Higley says:

      Katherine Brewster and Johnathon Higley are my 11th Generation Maternal Grandparents! Hello family member! Are you also a Higley?

      1. Gail Walker says:

        I am also related to Higleys. My grandfather’s middle name was Higley. He was William Higley Wright from Deep River, CT. As I research his lineage, I have found links to President Grant. I also wanted to know where the name Higley came from and have traced back the Higleys from Frimley.

  6. Julie Gilmore says:

    Hello, I’m looking for a Fred Brown who used to be a gardener/groundsman at Sunnydown school on the Hogsback , I think it was also called St Thomas hospital ? Accommodation for nurses during the war. Thank you. Julie.

  7. Jennifer Lowes says:

    My father William Sheil was born in Frimley Green in 1915, I wonder does anyone have any recollections of the Sheil family, a brother of my fathers, Walter Sheil, died in a drowning accident. Poss 1920’/30’s, can anyone help, my thanks Jenny Lowes.

  8. Harry Wilcox says:

    I was an evacuee and lived with my three brothers in Frimley from 1940 to 1945.
    Our school was named St. James and our whole school went first to Brighton September 1939 and then we were all transferred to Frimley, when Dunkirk fell in 1940.
    I have many stories of my life living with Mr. and Mrs. James Chippington in Nayland Cottage, but the story I have is one day in 1944 swimming by myself in Tomlinscote Pond and I heard a ‘plane, obviously from the noise of the engine not one of ours, I then recognised it as a ‘Doodle-bug or German V1.
    Suddenly the engine cut out and it came gliding down, about 150′ directly over the lake and exploded on the Portsmouth Road about 200’ in front of the house where my younger brother lived on the Grove. I understand that it killed two WAAFs, who were sitting on a park bench near the road.
    Smoke and smell of cordite from the bomb was all around me, I then looked up again when I heard another ‘plane, which turned out to be an American Mustang and he did a victory roll.
    This event I have never forgotten and I am now 85 living in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Canada.

    I also have a book called “Old Frimley” written by Miss Daisy Hills that gives a delightful account, not only of her life growing up on the Warren Estate, but Frimley before it became modernised with factories and estates.
    I was also a choir boy, along with my brothers Alfred and David in St. Peter’s Church. The parson was Mr. Partridge, for whom I used to clean the church brass for and the organist/choir master was Mr. Buckingham. I also delivered newspapers for I believe Mr. Gannon, who also owned the coal yard.

    1. Ann Turner says:

      It was really interesting to read your comments as I remember the Chippingdon family well. The Doodlebug you mentioned narrowly missed my parents who had been walking through the Grove when it came down. Daisy Hills personally signed my copy of her book, she went to school at Frimley Cof E with my Father and mentioned his family in her book. She used to attend St.Peters Church as I did (and still do!) … Canon Partridge baptised me at the church and I have photos of him along with Sunday School children. I knew Mrs.Gannon too, I think she was a nurse or matron at the cottage hospital. I have stayed in this area all my life and seen many changes. Thank you for bringing back memories to me.

      1. Harry (Roy) Wilcox says:

        Thank you Anne for your kind and thoughtful comment on my post above.
        I am quite sure that thanks to Phil Cooper the Exploring Surrey’s Past Officer, we could exchange some memorable stories of Frimley before it became urbanized to the extent I last saw it in 1999.
        i spent five enjoyable years of my childhood growing up in the care of Mr.and Mrs Chippington, but I imagine that the Chippingtons that you got to know were the son and daughter-in-law of the elderly couple that I lived with.
        They lived in a house called Beulah, next door to Roxam, where a couple of I believe of German refugees lived. They always flew the Union Jack, no doubt because the public were distrustful of them..
        My older brother lived with Mr. and Mrs. Drinkwater in a house called Teware and my younger brother lived with Mrs. May on the Grove, just a couple of houses down from where John Gannon who sang in the choir with my brother and I. He was also son of Gannon the coal merchant.
        You sound as though you would be in the same age group as David and Daphne, who were the son and daughter of Ted and Jessie Chippington, he became a special constable,
        His office was right next door to a bungalow housing Malcolm Miller.
        One night he threw a very icy snowball, which hit me in the eye and I couldn’t see out of it for days.
        Yes, those were certanly memorable days Anne…

        1. Shirley May says:

          Hello Roy. I hope you are well. I have just stumbled across this after searching for some ancestors. I was really happy to read your comment. Your brother David stayed with me and my mother (Mrs May) at the grove in frimley and I remember the incident of the doodlebug cutting out over Tomlinscote pond and landing on the top half of the grove. My mother lived to 104 and we have a tree planted with a memorial plaque in her honour on the grove. 1 or 2 changes here St. Peter’s hall is now a block of flats which is where you did school work! Frimley park is now a very large hospital but the Chippingtons house is as you would have remembered! Hope all is well. God bless.

  9. Harry {Roy) Wilcox says:

    I would like to take this opportunity Ann, to thank you for taking the time and trouble to find pictures and cuttings of Mrs. May, Daisy Hill and Mr. Partridge to my e-mail address.I heard a lot about Miss Hill, but never met her when I was a boy. Her book was given to me by Jessie Chippington, who had moved to Uckfield Sussex.
    I did correspond with John Gannon about 5 years ago, he and I sang in the choir and because of his excellent clear soprano voice, he always sang solo on special occasions,
    We were paid 1/9d per quarter and 1/- for weddings and funerals..

  10. Joshua Higley says:

    Hello Family and Friends!
    I am Joshua Higley and John Higley Esquire is my 10th Generation Maternal Grandfather( 10 times removed?), I believe that I was named after his Brother or an Uncle, Joshua Higley. I would love to get to know my relations abroad. Please contact me at [email protected]

    Much love to you all.

  11. Richard Colley says:

    Can anyone help me. I am trying to establish the structure of telephone numbers in the Frimley area circa 1930-1940 (long before STD was introduced). I believe Farnborough numbers had the prefix FN but this did not extend to Frimley.

  12. Celia Simpson says:

    I have lived in Frimley Green for just over 30 years. I am presently living at Bowling Green Court.
    I would relish any information on the history of Bowling Green Farm and the age of the beautiful old oak tree, that stands at the entrance to the estate.
    I hope there is someone out there who could give me some information, please.

  13. Roy Siggery says:

    Hi all,
    I am not sure if anyone on the website can help, my father was Frank William Siggery, we used to visit Edie and Rich Cook who lived in 1,Worsley road, and Amy another sister who lived further up the road, I have been doing the Siggery tree recently but come to a dead end trying to find family of Edie and Richard cook or even the next generation which I would have thought were still living, if there is anyone on here that might be able to give any assistance would be much appreciated, his other sister was Florence Siggery she married and had a small holding just off the green with a few pigs, geese and chickens plus a few dogs I can remember.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Maria Siggery says:

      Hi Roy ,
      I can’t remember how we are related Peter Siggery did a family tree my dads John Siggery George’s son .
      I know we were potters ect Yately and St Peters Church there are graves .
      Do message me

      1. Roy Siggery says:

        Hi Maria,
        Thanks for your comment, I have an extensive family tree on Ancestry which you can view, if you go on Ancestry UK you can request permission, I will pick it up from there.
        Hope to hear from you so we can fill in any gaps and info.

        Roy Siggery

  14. Michael Doolan says:

    Hi all,
    Would love to know the whereabouts of Christine Herrington who lived in Frimley Green and went to frimley green C of E school and then onto Robert Haining secondary school.

  15. PAT BURKE says:

    where is east frimley

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