Originally part of Windsor Forest and the haunt of highwaymen, it is now essentially a commuter village. Windlesham manor originally belonged to the Priory of St Margaret, a house for Benedictine nuns, in Sunninghill, Berkshire, and documents survive from 1318.

Windlesham is a large village close to the Berkshire border. It is close to the A30, M3, M4 and to Sunningdale Station.

The parish church of St.John the Baptist was rebuilt in 1680 after a fire and was originally a medieval building from the 12th century. The church of St.Saviour at Valley End was built in 1867 by G.F. Bodley.

A large modern house, Updown Court, is amongst the most expensive houses in the world, currently (2007) on the market for 70m, with 103 rooms and 58 acres of land. It was originally built in 1924.

Early in 1948 Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and The Duke of Edinburgh leased their first marital home, Windlesham Moor, in Surrey, near Windsor Castle, they stayed there until they moved to Clarence House on 4th July 1949.

Did You Know?

At Windlesham Brickfield, brick pits are shown on the OS map of 1872.  There are now ornamental ponds on the site, which may originally have been the clay quarries.

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5 thoughts on “Windlesham”

  1. Duncan Stone says:

    Is it true that Billy Butlin owned Windlesham Moor?

  2. Maryann Hebert says:

    Does anyone know the name of the Butcher Shop in Windlesham that was close to Woolworth and the Drug stone (I believe on Chertsey Rd) about 1856-58? and who owned it?

    1. John Silverton says:

      My grandmother lived at Windlesham Court in the 1960s early 70s. She used a Butchers called Wasley who came around in a van. For some reason the name has stuck in my head.

  3. John Silverton says:

    Does anyone have any memories of Windlesham Court. It was demolished around 1972

  4. P Wilkins says:

    What was happening at Windlesham Court in the 1910’s to 1920? My grandmother had it as her address.

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