This village lay within the Anglo-Saxon administrative division of Tandridge hundred. It lies on the A22 Eastbourne road south of Croydon in a valley cut into the slope of the North Downs. Caterham is a town in the Tandridge District of Surrey.

Caterham Old Cottage Hospital, 1903 Photographic Survey and Record of Surrey no. 429

Caterham Old Cottage Hospital, 1903
Photographic Survey and Record of Surrey no. 429

The original settlement was on the ridge above the modern town and is now called Caterham-on-the-Hill. The modern town in the valley is a product of the Victorian age and the coming of the Caterham railway line in 1856. A large Asylum was built at Caterham-on-the Hill soon after, bringing new employment to the area. The Victorian expansion of the town required the building of a much larger parish church (St Mary the Virgin) in 1866 but the old Norman church of St Lawrence was retained and remains directly across the road from St Mary’s. As it grew Caterham Valley gained its own church, St. John the Evangelist, which was consecrated in 1882. It is even larger than St. Mary’s. The North Downs Way, a popular National trail with walkers passes very close to the town.

The Commandant's House, Caterham Barracks, Caterham and District Local History Centre ref. 990

The Commandant’s House, Caterham Barracks,
Caterham and District Local History Centre ref. 990

From 1877 Caterham Barracks on the hill was a depot for the foot guards regiments. In August 1975 a local public house (the Caterham Arms), which was used by soldiers, was targeted by an IRA bomb. The barracks were closed in the 1990s and the site redeveloped for housing.

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32 thoughts on “Caterham”

  1. dottie says:

    Hi does anyone know where Merstham Terrace was in Caterham Valley (believe it could have been placed of the Coulsdon Road..

    Thanks for your time

  2. Norman Skinner says:

    I personally have never come across Merstham Terrace. Coulsdon Road is not in Caterham Valley, but up on Caterham Hill running passed the Barracks towards Coulsdon Village.

    1. dottie says:

      Thank you so much Norman…you have made my day :)…I had an Aunt born at this address…3, Merstham Terrae without any further informatiion on the Birth I googled and I found this
      George Milton Puttee and his wife Mary Ann were living at 3, Merstham Terrace in Coulsdon Road..So presumed this was the correct address..Is this residence still there? If not is it possible to give me some sort of clue as to what is there now..and where it was located..Would like to take a photograph at some time when I am down in Caterham again probably half term (I work in a school) for research..Thank you once again Norman so grateful that you had spotted my post…


      dottie laker

  3. dorothy laker says:

    Anyone able to pinpoint this address in 1898 2, Morden Cottages, Croydon Road, Caterham address on Marriage Certificate..
    Thank you for your time


    dottie laker

    1. Vanessa Park says:

      At the bottom of Croydon road I think near mardon lodge school

      1. Dorothy Wigley says:

        Thank you Vanessa 🙂


  4. Laura Cumberland says:

    I’m trying to help my elderly mum. Around 1936, she would’ve been 8, she was wrongly removed from her home because of the behaviour of a male family member. She believes she was sent to a place called Oak Lodge in Caterham. She thinks it may have been a home for unmarried mothers run by nurses. Can anyone help? Thank you.

    1. Doreen Ashcroft says:

      Hi I’m interested in finding out about this I was there in 1968 the address was 57 tupwood Lane I would love to se a picture of it from then

  5. Paul says:

    Oak Lodge is in Slines Oak Road CR3 7BH…. it is officially in Woldingham, but near enough to Caterham… I think it is now a private home but could be wrong….

  6. Gail Illman says:

    Has anyone any old photos of WoodvIlle Place in Caterham on the Hill as it was before they pulled it down and built flats? My Mum was brought up there and I remember it but it was all demolished by the Tim I was 5.

  7. Axiom says:

    This is a long shot but my elderly Father grew up in a children’s home, in Caterham near Caterham School, in the 1970s but he cannot remember the name. I am trying to track it down but can not find any record of it. Any information would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. JRichards says:

      There was a children’s home in Caterham-on-the-Hill, close to the RC Church on Essendine Road. This was a Surrey County Council home called St Andrews Home/ Robinsfield, address 35 Whyteleafe Road. But this is not really close to Caterham School, which is in the valley. Also at Caterham on the Hill was Caterham Refuge, at 33 Chaldon Road, but that might have been for ‘fallen girls’. This is from a list of homes run by Surrey County Council at some time or other:

    2. JRichards says:

      Hi. I notice also that there is a private hospital near Caterham School, called North Downs Hospital. It looks like quite a large building, so may have been something like a children’s home or similar in the past. Just a thought! Robinsfield on Whyteleafe Road might now be redeveloped into houses or similar. If your father remembers a side gate leading to an alley (with hedging along each side) that ran between Whyteleafe Road and Essendine Road), with a church just across the alleyway, then it was probably Robinsfield. But you can see all this on google maps. Look for Sacred Heart Church, Essendine Road, Caterham, go to street view and you will see the public footpath running up the left side of the church. The side gate to Robinsfield is where the church is, on the other side of the alley. If you google 35 Whyteleafe Road, you will see what Robinsfield has become (it was not so open to Whyteleafe Road back in the 1970s. And you can find North Downs Hospital street view – it looks as if it is on a hill. Maybe these will help your father remember.

      1. Deb says:

        North Downs is in Tupwood Lane.. Caterham Valley

  8. Alan Jupp says:

    Does anyone have any early 60’s photos from around Caterham (School, Church etc) that might have any Jupp’s in them? I was born in Caterham in 1949 and I am interested in adding these to my collection which at the moment is very light on.

    1. john ward says:

      Did you live in farningham rd ?.

  9. Dennis Grubb says:

    Can anyone tell me where Rophy Place was/is located. I notice that there is a photograph of a house , demolished about 1964 on this site. Rophy Place was the residence of a Grubb family in my tree. I’d like to say hi to Norman W T Skinner who directed me to an article in “Local History Record” on Hollidays Bottom. thank you

    1. Laurie says:

      I believe it was called Roffey Place and was where Butlers is on Caterham High Street

  10. sarah says:

    Hi does anyone remember where footballer John Sewell had a clothes shop in Caterham In the 1960s /the70s please.

    1. Philip Lervy says:

      yes remember it being a small shop on the godstone road past the roundabout on the left hand side.

  11. samantha Evangelista says:

    Looking for Eglantine, Caterham Milton cottages, Caterham
    where my 2nd great grandad lived please?

  12. Georgina Spary says:

    Hello has anyone heard of a Liskeard House, Caterham, where my Granny (sadly now dead) claimed my great-grandfather worked. Possibly great-great-grandfather. Any mention would be appreciated

    1. Sara says:

      There is a Liskeard Lodge on Tupwood Lane in Caterham Valley. It’s a private housing estate, so I’m assuming it may be the same site as Liskeard House

  13. Jenny says:

    I wonder if you can help me I am trying to find anyone living at 152 godstone rd caterham in the 1800s through to 1911, I cannot find anything in the census, I’m assuming these were cottages with names not numbers but cannot pinpoint the one I’m looking for! I fully appreciate any information you can help me with

    Many thanks

  14. My mother told me her grandparents owned a children’s wear shop in Caterham. Their names were Percy and Edith Barnard. My mother aged 8 years in 1940 moved from Caterham. Does anyone remember the shop, their eldest child was called Alice born in 1906 she was my grandmother.

  15. David Williams says:

    Does anyone know anything about a Military Hospital in Caterham. I am researching a soldier in our village in Cambridgeshire who died there in 1918.

    1. JRichards says:

      Caterham Barracks on Coulsdon Road might have had a hospital.

    2. J.R.Beer says:

      The Hospital in what used to be Caterham Barracks I believe was right next to the Naffi, the building is still there and I think is used as a children’s creche.

  16. Adrian Paniwnyk says:

    Hi , could anybody tell me if Park Road, Caterham Hill used to be called Village Road?

  17. Denis Loretto says:

    Gail Illman back in September 2017 asked about Woodville Place. My long deceased uncle Carlo Loretto lived in “Woodville” in Caterham in the 1920s and 1930s with his family. He was a teacher – music I think – in Caterham School.

  18. Nita Jane says:

    My grandfather (George Ernest Anley Barham) lived on Harestone Valley Road, Caterham and the address in the Electoral Register (1935) is “Fire Station”. Can anyone assist with where this may have been? I have located an old fire station in High Street, Caterham on the Hill, but that doesn’t seem to fit with Harestone Valley Road.

  19. simon says:

    I wonder if anyone can help to answer a couple of questions. I am interested in moving to Caterham on the hill but I have noticed on the map that it is near to airfields and the M25. So, I was wondering if aircraft noise is a problem or the noise from the motorway?


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