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This village lies between the North Downs and Tilburstow Hill, 7 miles east of Reigate in the relatively flat area of a west-east valley where the A25 crosses the Eastbourne Road (A22).

Godstone Church, south porch, 1895 Photographic Survey and Record of Surrey no. 635

Godstone Church, south porch, 1895
Photographic Survey and Record of Surrey no. 635

Church Town lies at the end of a footpath about mile east of Godstone Green. The church of St. Nicholas (click on the link to see the Historic Environment Record for the church) really belongs to the Saxon settlement of Walkingstead which was recorded in the Domesday Survey of 1086. Click here to see the catalogue of the St Nicholas,  Godstone, Parish Records and Godstone, Civil Parish Records (1559-1945) held at the Surrey History Centre.

The route of the Roman Road to the west had become neglected in the Saxon period, but it gradually came back into use and Godstone grew on it to be more important than the earlier settlement. It has been suggested that the reversion to the line of the Roman Road took place in Elizabethan times, perhaps associated with transport for iron workings in the Weald or local gunpowder mills that were active in the area early in the 17th century.

The settlement at Godstone Green grew from its position on important traffic routes, although the parish was essentially an agricultural one.

The Redhill-Tonbridge railway passed 2 miles south of the historic centre and a new village grew up keeping development out of the area around the Green. More recent residential development to the north-east and south has not affected the character of the historic core at the junction of the main roads and has left Church Town as a small and attractive, physically distinct area.

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19 thoughts on “Godstone”

  1. Lois Pallister says:

    Do you know anything of Godstone Green Mill?

  2. Janice Winchester says:

    Does anyone have any information on the family name of Winchester who lived and worked in Godstone, Surrey. I have visited the Church at Godstone, and there are several members buried there.

  3. julia goody says:

    ive lived in southgodtone many years on and off do u know what would have stood or been in south godstone easter way in the roman or saxon times thank u

    1. Martin Burgess says:

      I lived in South Godstone from 1947 to 1958. Easter Way was built during that time, I believe around 55/56. Prior to that time the land was just fields and woods. There was a stand of tell fir trees off the end of Lagham Rd and a pond we called MacOwen’s pond. All the village kids played there, fishing for small carp and building pretend forts in the fields, in the summer out of the hay the farmer had cut and left in rows to dry.
      For years no development had taken place in the village then around 55/56 Easter Way was built as was an estate on the west side of the village. During the ground clearing stage we had the almost constant presence of the Army Bomb Disposal people as this village was surrounded by ammunition dumps for D Day and inevitably some got left behind in the mud. We often found bullets and the occasional grenade when playing in the woods. We set off one or two bullets in Dad’s shed by holding them in a vice and hitting them with a hammer and nail. Parents never new. I’ve a few more stories about the village, the people who lived there should you feel like hearing them.

      1. Janice Winchester says:

        Hi Martin have you any information on the Winchester family who lived at Godstone & worked on the land. I have been to Godstone Church and there are many burials there. Any information would be great. Many thanks Janice Winchester.

        1. Martin Burgess says:

          I’m sorry Janice but I don’t remember anyone called Winchester. As it happens my maternal grandmother is buried in Godstone churchyard. As a young child my Grandfather took my brother and I there regularly to tend the grave. I knew no-one in Godstone proper as we lived in South Godstone, two and a half miles away and really a completely separate village. All my memories are of that village.

        2. Samantha says:

          Hi Janice, I have just looked into my family tree. i do not have any information for you. But I have found Winchesters in my family. My Grandfathers Great Grandmother (Emily Christmas) married Thomas Winchester (Bletchingley 1845) he was an agricultural labourer. He died accidental death by being nocked over by a bullock in 1875. They had 4? children, one Louisa being my grandfathers grandmother married a Harding ending my line in the Winchester family.
          I look forward to hearing if you recognises any of these people.

        3. Elizabeth Wickstead says:

          I have a great deal of information on the Winchester family of Bletchingly and Godstone . I am a descendent of William Winchester and Sarah nee Parsons who had a very large family .Winchester family connections from Horne ,Reigate and Redhill .

  4. Gemma shirley says:

    Does anyone have any information on the shirley family who were in godstone and surrounding villages.

    1. Lee Brown says:

      Hi Gemma,
      I’m digging around myself looking at family history. I’ve just come across this which may be of interest to you – it was to me.


      All the best,


    2. Kim Shirley says:


      Many of my Shirley ancestors were from Godstone, Surrey, and I would love to be in touch with others who come from the Shirley family from that area also. I have completed my Ancestry DNA which I would also love to compare with anyone else who has done theirs, should you think we may have a link somewhere.

  5. Liz says:

    Does anyone have any information about the Boyde or Sale(s) families? Elizabeth Bathia or Berthia Boyde of this Parish married Brace Sale(s) in the City of London in 1769. Their daughter Berthia Sales was baptised here in 1770/71

  6. Sarah Tester says:

    My grandfather lived in Black Pit Cottage Caterham sub district of Godstone with his mother and sister when he was born. Has anyone got any old photos of the cottage and what it look likes now if it is still there.

  7. Tracey Inman says:

    Does anyone have any information about Barrow Green Farm cottages? My Grandfather Horace Packham was a cowman there in the 1930s. My Grandmother lived there with her parents Edward and Ellen Mitchell. Grace was born in 1917 and married Horace Packham in 1939

    1. Irene Armour says:

      Hi. Just browsing through Godstone related articles. Although I have lived in Nkrfolk for 46 years I still consider myself a Godstonian as I was born in Godstone into a long standing line of Batchelors. When I married, my husband, myself and two young children lived in the middle cottage at Barrow Green farm cottages. The Bonnell family lived one side and the Langdrige family the other. We lived there from 1965-1967. The cottages and farm land owned by Mr.D.A.Young farmer from nearby area. Probably no help, but it’s nice for me to remember places in Godstone. South Godstone, Dormansland then Barrow Green. Best wishes Rene Armour was Batchelor

  8. Claire says:

    Do you know where godstone hospital was in Jan 1942 as mother was born there

    1. frank watson says:

      hi Claire the only hospital in godstone then was in bletchingley rabies heath road which is houses on nightingale way bletchingley

  9. Claire says:

    Thank you

  10. Linda Goodall says:

    My daughter is researching the life of Diane Holland (actress most known as Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves in the 1980’s TV comedy Hi-de-Hi). She lived in Godstone and according to online records she was buried at St Nicholas Church in February 2009. My daughter has visited St Nicholas and was unable to find the grave. The parish council was also unable to find a record of the burial.
    We would be grateful if anyone could provide any further information as to where the grave actually is. Diane Holland’s birth name was June Diane Neeltje Holland but she used the name Diane Holland for most of her life. Thank you.

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