Hayward History Centre, Lingfield


Hayward History Centre, Lingfield is based in Lingfield Library.

The local history centre exists to encourage interest in local and family history in Blindley Heath, Crowhurst, Dormansland, Felbridge, Felcourt, Haxted, Horne, Lingfield and South Godstone.

It is hoped that details of the contents of the Hayward History Centre, Lingfield, collections will be added to the Exploring Surrey’s Past databases in the near future. In the meantime click on one of the three boxes or links below to see searchable pdfs (PDF) of catalogues of some of the collections held at the Centre.



Hayward Collection

Peter Gray Collections

Dormans Evening Women’s Institute Collection 1

Dormans Evening Women’s Institute Collection 2

Books and Pamphlets Collection

Local Government Collection

Maps Collection

Maps on loan from Surrey History Centre

Miscellaneous Collection

Newspapers and Magazines Collection

Parish Registers and Census Collection

Photographs and Illustrations Collection

Recorded Material Collection

Sales Particulars Collection

RH7 Exhibitions Collection

7 thoughts on “Hayward History Centre, Lingfield”

  1. philip maynard says:

    I was curios about your lovely village because i possibly have past ancestry there, one of them was John Maynard born abt 1709 in Lingfield, he was my 5th great grandfather.
    I’ve been working on my family tree for about 3yrs now and so far I’ve gone back as far as 1480, I’am back tracking at present to verify what I’ve discovered so far so if anyone has any information on the maynards in this area could they let me no thank you.
    I look forward very much to coming down to you one day with my camera.

    Reg Phil

    1. helen swabey says:

      hello Philip, I am one of the Blechingley Maynards. I know that I also had ancestors in Lingfield, Godstone & close areas & mine were part of Anne of Cleeves servants. I believe they were Huguenots & originatedfrom Flanders. regards Helen Swabey nee Maynard

      1. Philip Maynard says:

        Dear Helen,
        Thank you for your response,and I apologise for not replying sooner.
        Your info is fascinating I would love to no more.
        My to granddaughters are the last of my line so I’m trying hard to get our family tree completed.
        My tree is on ancestry.co.uk and your welcome to look at it any time I’ve left it public, if you do look at it and find error’s please let me no.
        I plan on coming down to the history centre this month.
        Philip S.E.Maynard

  2. Gordon Bartlet says:

    This is a request for information from anyone at the Hayward Memorial Local History Centre, Lingfield, who has access to events around Lingfield in the early 20th century.

    I am researching the history of a 19th century domestic chamber barrel organ in the Dorset County Museum. It was donated to the museum in 1935 by Miss Agnes Debenham of Lingfield whose address has been given as Hobbs End, Church Road Lingfield, and also Hobbs Farm, Tandridge Lane, Lingfield. I would value any information you may have on how, why, and when she came upon this organ, and the use to which it was put. Are there any records of it being played in the Church, or at any local events? Any information, however tenuous, or photographs showing the organ in use would be much appreciated. I am sorry to burden you with this project. If there may be anything in your archives I would be very happy to arrange a visit to study any documents which may be of use.

    Your sincerely

    Gordon Bartlet, Cerne Abbas, Dorset

  3. Steve Humphreys says:

    I have in my possession a document dated 1715 relating to a bankruptcy sale of the Felcourt estate. It relates to a gentleman called Henry Wise and is written on approx 10 sq ft of parchment. I was told some years ago that the estate is now owned by the Rentokill company. Can anyone shed any light on its history,past or present?

  4. Paula de says:

    HI Phil
    Just saw your message… John Maynard b.1709 Lingfield was also my ancestor, my 7xGreat-Grandfather… would love to hear from you!

    1. Philip maynard says:

      Hi Paula de
      Sorry I didn’t realise you had responded to my question in 2015 here is my email so it’ll be easier to communicate maynard family tree.
      [email protected]
      I’m sure a lot has happened since 2015.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.
      Reg. Philip s e Maynard

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