Oil painting at Lingfield Library

The following oil painting is included in The Public Catalogue Foundation book “Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Surrey” (copies are available in various libraries across the county and at Surrey History Centre). Read more about The Public Catalogue Foundation.

The oil painting is housed at The Guest House, Lingfield Library, The Guest House, Vicarage Road, Lingfield RH7 6HA. To make arrangements to view the painting please call the library on 01342 832058.

'Lingfield Coronation Decorations' 1953. Artist: R. D. Akehurst.

‘Lingfield Coronation Decorations’ 1953.
Artist: R. D. Akehurst.

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    •  The Guest House is a 15th century oak timbered building, which was bequeathed to Surrey County Council in 1954 for public use and became home to the Lingfield Library Centre a year later. So named because it was originally used for visitors to the nearby (monastic) College of Lingfield, the Guest House was restored in 1898 and retains many of the original features.  Particularly noteworthy is the Hall, which forms the centre of the building and opens to the roof. 

      The Guest House contains a collection of artistic and antiquarian objects including four tapestries, thought to be Flemish in origin, which hang in the Hall. It also houses the Hayward History Centre, Lingfield

      At the back of the building is a conservatory opening onto gardens, which are also open to the publicc.

    • More about Lingfield.

    • About Lingfield Library.
    • Visit the BBC/Public Catalogue Foundation “Your Paintings” website to find other oil paintings in public ownership in the United Kingdom.

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  1. Liz Wegwermer says:

    I lived and grew up at Barn Cottage, Vicarage Road, Lingfield, Surrey. I have a wealth of memories about growing up in the village.Nurse Blundell who delivered all babies, Mr Farmer who played a one man band, the Christmas Silver Band, Mrs Boakes and her daughter Lally who was my playmate, Summer fetes with sawdust bins, the fair at wheelwrights, Jenner’s field, Station River, The Hospital School where I briefly worked.I have very fond memories of McKewans where I worked, Robbie the Post masters dog, Mac fisheries,Robert the hairdresser, Slade’s the baker and The Chocolate Soldier, The cabin I. Could go on ..I miss it. Liz Wegwermer nee Cowling.

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