This large village sits on the south-eastern boundary of London, England, just across the border in Tandridge district, East Surrey.

Neighbouring villages include Sanderstead, Hamsey Green, Whyteleafe, Farleigh, Fickleshole and Woldingham. The nearest town to Warlingham is Caterham. The village lay within the Anglo-Saxon administrative division of Tandridge hundred.

Warlingham is centered on a triangular village green, home to most of the village’s commercial activities.

For details of the history of Warlingham, see the Bourne Society’s Warlingham Village History. Extracts may be viewed at:


Warlingham, The Green and War Memorial, 1962 Caterham and District Local History Centre ref. 1891

Warlingham, The Green and War Memorial, 1962
Caterham and District Local History Centre ref. 1891

Click here to see the catalogue of the All Saints, Warlingham, Parish Records (1653-1954) held at the Surrey History Centre.

97 thoughts on “Warlingham”

  1. Dr John Ridley says:

    I am looking for details of the Overhill House and estate in Warlingham, former home of Sir Joseph Swan. Any details would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. mark Trafford says:

      Overhill was sold to developers in 1980 or so.
      I was the house of the King family-of Chiltonian biscuits fame. The son of the last owner, Ivan, moved away leaving Diana King to run the large house.
      She married Dr Harold Trafford, the local GP and father of Lord Trafford of Falmer, in 1972 and he moved into the House. The old ballroom became a snooker and drawing room. The old Squash Court became a storage room and sadly the Fives court degenerated. Diana kept up riding and maintained her horse there until the house was sold and the two of them built a bungalow on the lower paddock (“Tippets”) where Dr Trafford died in 1990.
      Diana then moved to Sussex in a house that the two of them built on the sea and she lives there to this day.
      Overhill was knocked down and a number of, what were then called, “stockbroker houses” were built on the site.
      Hope this helps

      1. John says:

        Many thanks and much appreciated.

  2. ESP Admin says:

    My great grandparents built overhill, originally called Wootonga. I have lots of photos and documents to do with it.If you would like them then just say the word.

    1. Edward Cooley says:

      Hi Bob,

      I would love to see the photos and documents you have. Would you be able to drop me an email at [email protected]?


    2. Ian Parrott says:

      I read with interest all the postings about Wootonga/Overhill House as am researching the employees of Joseph Travers & Sons Ltd Wholesale Grocers of Cannon Street, London, who fell in both World Wars and are on their war memorial, currently in St Mary Abchurch, City of London.
      It seems that James Lindsay Travers (1846-1924) a gt-grandson of the original Joseph Travers built the house & I would like to make contact with any of his descendents.

    3. Tanya Trafford says:

      I’d love to see the original plans of Overhill too… my brother, Mark (who commented above) and I spent most weekends of our childhood there. We are Lord Trafford’s children, alas he died over 30 years ago now and many of our childhood memories were lost when we moved away.
      There was a wonderful grass tennis court too, and you could walk down to the bottom paddocks, which has a public path running through it now called Butterfly Walk … it was a magical place and we sobbed when George and Diana sold it. Please do send me anything you have… [email protected]
      If you are quick, you can see Grafton House on Westhall Road, which was built by my Grandfather, George Trafford in the 1930s. He gave it to my Uncle Ian Colton Trafford when he married Diana, but alas Ian died 4 years ago and his daughter has sold it to developers.

      1. Beverly Chioccon says:

        Hi Tanya, do you know what number Westhall Road is/was Grafton House please? With so many lovely houses being destroyed for ‘progress’ it could be one of several, sadly.
        Many thanks

    4. Susan Travers says:

      My husbands grandfather James Lindsay Travers and his wifeEmma built Wootonga. We only have one picture of them all taken outside the house sitting in their motorcar. My husbands father Charles Tindal Travers was the youngest of the family. Would love to see some pictures and am interested in the family connection.thankyou, Susan Travers wife of JosephTravers

  3. Dr John Ridley says:

    Hello Bob,
    Thank you for your response which I have just found. It would be really good to see copies of the pictures of Overhill. It’s interesting that Joseph Swan’s Gateshead home was called Underhill.
    Best wishes, John

  4. Carole Roberts says:

    How interesting to see these posts about Overhill, I did quite a project on it about 12 years ago when I was living in the house that was formerly the coach house. I wish I had seen the big house, which was built about 1890 in the Arts and Crafts style, but it was demolished in the 1980s. As Bob Back says the name changed from Wootonga to Overhill when Sir Joseph Swan moved in during 1908, and as you say his house in Gateshead had been called Underhill. He was a philosopher as well as an inventor and I have seen evidence that he had a sense of humour, and the house certainly looked over a hill positioned as it was on the North Downs. I would be happy to show either of you what I have on the house if you are interested. Carole Roberts.

    1. Keith Povah says:

      hello, I have just stumbled upon this site whilst exploring a little more about Warlingham. I now live in what was the coach house of the Overhill estate.
      I would love to see any photographs and information about the history of this house and the whole estate please. My email is [email protected].
      Thank you.

  5. Dr John Ridley says:

    I would be pleased if you could contact me by email: [email protected]
    With thanks

  6. Edward Cooley says:

    Hi all,

    I’m really very interested in getting hold of any information, documents and (particularly) photos of the Overhill estate including its outhouses and gardens.

    Having done some research myself I have been able to get hold of a couple of photos, but they are of the back of the house. I would be very happy to share these with anyone who may be interested.

    If you can assist me in furthering the research I’ve already done, please drop me an email at [email protected].

    Many thanks in advance.

  7. John Bland says:

    As part of my wider Family History, I have undertaken a lot of research into Sir Robert Woolley Walden (1853-1929) who was Mayor of Westminster in 1909 and Chairman of the Metropolitan Asylums Board 1913-19. Sir Robert lived at “Bella Vista, Warlingham” during this time and is buried in the Churchyard. Until last night I had given up on any hope of locating the whereabouts of “Bella Vista” until I found an article in the Surrey Times dated 27 December 1907 (col 3 page 4) in the British Newspaper Archive website that reported his appointment as a JP for the County of London which gives the name of the road that Bella Vista was located. The road is West Hall Road. I understand that the road still exists. I would be interested to find out whether the house known as “Bella Vista” still stands and whereabouts on West Hall Road it is/was. If any photographs exist of the property that they would fill a gap in my research into his life.
    I will check every so often on this page for any response.

    1. Annette Hughes says:

      I live near Westhall Road and have been trying to locate Bella Vista for you. I’m afraid I cannot give you a definitive answer but here are my thoughts so far. 
      Westhall Road rises up from the valley in Whyteleafe in a South Easterly direction then bends torwards the North East at the top of the hill, the name Bella Vista suggests it had beautiful views which leads me to think that it was near the top of the hill before the road changed direction and would have had views to the South West.  Many of the old large houses have been demolished and replaced with luxury appartments or several modern detached houses. I’m pretty certain that the name Bella Vista is not in current use but the house could still exist as the houses now have numbers. The 1911 census has a house called Coney Burrow schedule 249 and Bella Vista is schedule 250, (the lower number schedules seem to be in Whyteleafe) at present there is a small cul-de-sac called Coneybury Close off Westhall Road at the top before the bend which I am guessing is where Coney Burrow once was, the next house is hard to see from the road but It does appear to be an older house and is number 94. Sadly this house seems to have it’s days numbered as several applications to demolish it have been made, the latest was refused on 15th May 2013. 

      1. Pauline Armitage says:

        Dear John
        We live at number 66 Westhall Road which was called Coney Burrow until 1930 when it was renamed Coniston. I am doing some investigation into house names and will let you know if I pinpoint Bella Vista. As Annette says, it is clearly listed on the 1911 census. We are opposite Searchwood Road and I believe the only house between us and the station was called Larkfield and is now a big development of (1970s?) flats.

        1. William Brereton says:

          I believe that Coney Burrow (now apparently Coniston, 66 Westhall Road) was built by my Grandfather Thomas Bloomfield Sadleir Brereton for his own use. He was an architect with offices in Holborn. I do not know exactly when it was built, but it was probably between 1900 and 1910. I have little other information except that it had a circular staircase. I think it was sold soon after the first world war.

      2. Beverly Chioccon says:

        I know this is an old thread but it’s fascinating! I’m glad that Coney Burrow aka Coniston has been identified. I just wanted to add that I live in Coneybury Close which was created from the demolition of a house called Monowai that was owned by the Noble Lowndes family who owned the estate called Bromfield which included Little Bromfield, Monowai, the land that is now Paddock Walk. 94 Westhall Road has now been demolished and replaced by 3 houses. Now 96 is planned to become 10 flats and 2 Landscape Road to become 12.

  8. Karen says:

    Am chasing any old photo’s or plans of Edgehill in Warlingham – would be great if anyone could help!

  9. Richard Clarke says:

    Does anyone know/ can anyone tell me anything about the Birkbeck Estate in (or near) Warlingham? I am working on the history of the Birkbeck Freehold Land and Building Societies and have a document mentioning such an estate but haven’t been able to find anything more about it.
    Any leads much appreciated, thanks

  10. David John Eason says:

    I am trying to trace information on a Lt, John Richard Mills, 11th Hussars, D.O.W: 7th May 1918
    Husband of Mrs Janet Mary [Nee: Dodge] Mills, 11 Warren Park, Upper Warlingham, Surrey
    Can you help me please?
    Thank you

    1. Mary Parker says:

      Re Lt John Richard Mills,11th Hussars.If the search is about his Military Record,.there is a site,Forces War Records,it is by subscription. He is listed there.It is shewn as 11th Hussars(Prince Albert’s Own)

    2. John Mills says:


      I am John Mills’ great grandson. I know it’s been a while since you posted your request for information but if you’re still interested do let me know. I’m intrigued.

      Best wishes,


      1. Lauren says:

        I’m am part of the Warlingham WW1 centenary committee and we are paying tribute to those who died in WW1 who are on our Warlingham war memorial and in our local churches. Please contact me [email protected] with any information you are happy to share

        1. Andrew Campbell says:

          Re Warlingham War memorial. I have a letter from Arnold Coupland Russell, one of the names on the memorial, to my great grandmother dated 4th June 1916 sent while he was recovering in hospital in Southampton. See my reply to Lauren Gates request for information & photos, The Great War Forum. You will also find my email address there. Waiting for someone to contact me!
          Andrew Campbell

  11. Allan Hedley says:

    Hi i am trying to find out information regarding my aunt & uncle that lived in Warlingham up to 1983 until they passed away. they were called William (Willie) and Edith Forster. They moved from Whitehaven in Cumbria during the early 40s to Warlingham. Any information on the history of known friends or relatives would be an advantage.

    1. Mary Parker says:

      I may be able to help, through family connection. My ex sister in law, married one of their sons. Her name was Phyllis Wyatt she married in 1941,they lived in Warlingham. They had 2 children. Let me know if there is a connection. Mary Parker,

  12. Pete says:


    Can anybody help with dating the Police Box (next to the ARW Siren) outside Eatwell (Bakery?) on the Green?
    Francis Firth have it listed as 1955 but they are notorious in getting the dates wrong!
    The Police Box is documented as being moved in 1948 from there to Hooley!
    The Photo on the Frith site looks more like mid 1950’s than 1948 or before to me?
    Any help greatly appreciated!
    my email is [email protected]



  13. sue says:

    I have been trying to get old photos of a house in weshall rd which is on the corner of westview road. It was originally built in the 1900 and was said to be owned by Noble lowndes in the 50s It was a big estate with coach houses etc which was slowly devided and when some of the land was sold off houses were built in coneybury rd and westview road . It was also called maxwell house in the past. If anyone has any info or photos I would love to see them. It is currently called woodlands

    thank you

    1. Jim Day says:

      Hi Sue
      I lived at Maxwell House in 1960’s when it was owned by the Overseas Missionary Fellowship for the children of missionaries in active service in South East Asia. The name Maxwell House was brought with us from our previous Home of the same name in Chiselhurst, Kent. The OMF then sold it in the 70’s. I think when the OMF bought it, it was called Broomfield and the gate house was called Broomfield Lodge.
      My understanding was that the Mission bought it at auction not including the Lodge from one of the brothers who established Noble-Lowndes insurance. His brother lived next door.
      There will be many photographs from that era amongst my fellow Maxwellians. Would this be of interest? What is your particular interest in the house?

      1. sue says:

        Hello Jim thank you very much for your post. Yes I would love to see photos of the house and grounds back then if you would not mind sending them to me . Along with anymore history if you have any. I look forward to your reply


      2. sue says:

        hi jim, thank you for your post . i would be very grateful if you have any old photos of bromfield that you can send me . I have found some dating back to 1930 when noble lowndes owned the whole estate but from what I understand he was a very private man and there are not many photos taken . Please can you email me some photos and memories. The estate was divided when he retired back home to canada . which is when the OMF bought it. thank you sue

      3. sue says:

        hi jim

        i have not received a reply from you with regards to photos of bromfield. We bought the house 3 years ago and wanted to find out its history . i have managed to find old photos of the grounds 1930 and 1950 s

        1. Dominic says:

          Hello Sue
          not sure if this is relevant anymore or indeed relates to the house you are referring to but I just stumbled across an old sale advert of a house called Bromfield in Upper Warlingham – dated 29 July 1929 and came across this conversation while trying to see where the house is/was located. Happy to send you a photo of the advert. You can contact me via my website http://www.thesurreyexplorer.co.uk

          1. Sue says:

            Hi Dominic
            Would love to see the photo. I found one on a front cover of a magazine then lost it. Maybe it’s the same as.
            Please send me pics

            Thank u

          2. Beverly Chioccon says:

            Hi Dominic, I’m re-reading this thread that I found a few years ago. I know that Sue, my neighbour, obtained lots of photos of the Bromfield estate that included a property called Monowai (NZ link) which was demolished in the late 1970’s for Coneybury Close (where I live) to be created. One of the properties developed out of what must have been stables for the horses kept across the road in what is now Paddock Walk, is still called Monowai Cottage.
            I’d be really pleased to have a copy of the Bromfield sales particulars to see if it mentions the wider estate.
            Many thanks and regards

        2. Timothy Reynolds says:

          Sue – did you get the pictures you were looking for? I was there at a time overlapping with Jim. I have a few that might be of interest.

      4. Samuel Bernhard says:

        Hello Jim
        Greetings from Colombia, where I serve still as missionary. I was an Au-Pair boy from Switzerland who helped mr. And Mrs G. To cook for you and learn English from you. I do not know, if you still can remember me at Maxwell house. I helped with the moving from Chislehurst to Warlingham. I kept in with Mrs. G. Until both of the passed away.
        May the Lord bless you!

      5. Gary Marshall says:

        Hi Jim,
        Nobel Lowndes was my great uncle, as was the brother(s), Colin and/or Ray who apparently lived nearby.
        My grandfather was the younger brother Edward Lowndes.
        I’m trying to piece together some family history and would be very interested in learning more about the house, anything else about them.
        According to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, the house was made open to Australian and Kiwi pilots from Biggin Hill during WW2.
        This fascinates me.
        I’d be most obliged for any information you might be able to share.

        1. Beverly Chioccon says:

          Hi Gary, I’m re-reading this thread that I found a few years ago. I know that Sue, my neighbour, obtained lots of photos of the Bromfield estate that was rather extensive and included Little Bromfield and a property called Monowai (NZ link) which was demolished in the late 1970’s for Coneybury Close (where I live) to be created. One of the properties developed out of what must have been stables for the horses kept across the road in what is now Paddock Walk, is still called Monowai Cottage.
          I am interested in the ODNB comment about Oz/Kiwi pilots, because I am a researcher at Chartwell and Churchill was honorary air commodore of 615 squadron based at Kenley and Biggin Hill. He held a party for them and one of the airmen who signed the visitors’ book was Raymond Hesselyn OC 41Sq who was from Dunedin, so could perhaps been a guest at Bromfield.It doesn’t help much in your quest for family information but is interesting!

        2. Emily Lowndes Elder says:

          Hi Gary, I am the daughter of Roy Lowndes and grew up in Monowai with my three sisters in the 1960’s. Please feel free to contact me for more family history.

  14. Dave Honour says:

    My Great-Grandfather was F W Honour who was a builder with premises at The Green in Warlingham in the late 1890s early 1900s. He lived in Hazel Villas which i would like to locate in the village. My Grandfather went to school in Warlingham and I have a photo of him inside the building sometime around 1905. I would like to locate the school records if possible.
    If anybody can shed light on these i would be very grateful.
    Many Thanks, Dave.

    1. joseph says:

      hi dave,

      My house has a plaque on the outside saying hazel villas.. and it is in warlingham village as far as I know it is the only hazel villas building.

      The house was built in 1905, and opposite the village hall limpsfiled road side if this helps..

      1. Dave Honour says:

        Thanks Joseph,
        I checked out the building on Google Earth and think that it is definitely where my Gt-Grandfather lived. i have a feeling he may have been the builder as well. I have photos that I think were taken in the garden around 1910 which i could send for you to see.
        Many thanks, Dave.

        1. Mandy Thompson says:

          According to the Bourne Society Village History of Warlingham, Frederick William Honour bought his building yard from my Ward ancestors (John and Joel who was my great grandfather) around the turn of the century. Incidentally I believe the Wards built the school.

  15. Suzanne says:

    Anyone heard of Mill Hill Farm?
    My Great Grandfather lived there in the early twenties.
    Any news about this would be great.

  16. Michael Lamb says:

    Trying to find, Winchester Terrace in Warlingham. My Grandfather Frederick Raynes Smithers, buried in the Church Yard in 1930, lived at this location.
    Many thanks
    Michael Lamb

    1. Mandy Thompson says:

      Hi Michael
      I have looked up Winchester Terrace in my trusty 1937 Caterham Street Directory and have found it on Limpsfield Road. It is not easy to be certain of the order that houses are listed in but going from Hamsey Green it lists Kingswood Lane then Trenham Drive, Verdayne Gardens, Crewes Avenue, Crewes Lane, Church Lane, The Green including Warlingham Village Club, then Denham Terrace and finally Winchester Terrace which includes Masyfield Cottages, Midmayes, The Maples and Oakwood. Immediately after Winchester Terrace is Marks Road.

      I hope that helps!

  17. Phil says:

    I am searching for any information and/or photographs relating to 44 Westhall Road, Upper Warlingham. The site lies just up the hill from Warlingham Station on the right hand side as the road starts to veer left. It has the two large stone walls adding protection against any driving mishaps which may occur on the bend.
    The hose was owned by Gordon and Kitty Andrew – my Aunty and Uncle.

  18. Matthew says:

    I am searching for any information about the house ‘Owlpen’. It is located at the top of Barnard road, just off the Limpsfield road. Any stories or pictures from before 1970 would be fantastic.
    Many thanks,


  19. Pauline says:

    Does anyone have any information or images of the house/surroundings called Ferney on the OS County Series of 1911. It stood on the large, south side corner site of Hillbury Close and Hillbury Road. I wonder when Workhouse Lane became Hillbury Road.

    1. Mandy Thompson says:

      In the 1937 Caterham Street Directory Workhouse Lane did not exist and Hillbury Road is listed (no mention of Hillbury Close). Ferney is listed after Millwalk Cottages (1, 2, 3 and 4) then 2, 3 and 4 Cannon Place and The Grange. After Ferney is Hillburycrest. The resident of Ferney was S W Betteridge.

    2. Paul Masters says:

      Pauline, not sure whether you will pick up a reply to your post, two and a half years after you left it! I do have some pictures of Ferney that were passed first to the people who lived in Hillbury Crest before it was demolished and then to my late parents, who lived in Hillbury Close. Paul M

  20. Paula burke says:

    Iam trying to find out info or photos of 15 chapel rd warlingham. Built in c.1905 when there was a Wesleyan chapel on the corner with Limpsfield rd.

    1. Dave Honour says:

      Hi Paula,
      Just seen your post about the corner of Chapel and Limpsfield Road. I have a hand coloured photo of that area taken probably in the early part of the 1900s. It clearly shows the road (then called Croydon Rd) but only the pavement and verge outside of the Chapel. I can send this if it is of interest?
      Regards, Dave Honour

    2. Carol says:

      I don’t know if I can help or what info you are looking for, but I was born next door at number 13 in 1945 and lived there for 15 years.

      1. Paula burke says:

        Hi I’ve only just seen your reply but wonder if you have any old pictures of our house?


  21. John Michael Taylor says:

    My Name is John M Taylor and I am researching for a book about a Footballer who worked on the Burma Railway during WW2. I would like to get in touch with any people related to Frederick Ernest Wiles who was born 1920. Who would be willing to speak to me about him. Thank you for your time. John

  22. Pamela Fuller says:

    My maiden name is Scott, and I know, having searched my family history, that the Scott’s were a wealthy family in the 1800’s, owning farms and several businesses. My Great Great Granddad Luke Scott was known to have built the stone cottages you can still see in Warlingham Village today. My Great Grandmother Lived almost all her life in the cottage (because she was a cripple) which is opposite the Post Office by the zebra crossing. My Aunt remembers this clearly as she used to visit her there. Unfortunately I have no documents to prove any of this, but it’s something I feel should be made known to others, interested in the History of Warlingham. Also, on a closing note, Court Farm in Chelsham was once ours as well.The way it was disposed of still remains a total mystery.

    1. Mandy Thompson says:

      I have been researching my paternal ancestors who were an influential family in Warlingham for most of the 19th Century and into the 20th. Richard Ward and his sons John and Joel founded a building company and was instrumental in building the first Wesleyan Chapel in the village. Joel was my great grandfather. Ann Sarah Ward, Joel’s sister, married Solomon Windross who leased Beech Farm at Chelsham. Solomon was a widower who had moved down from Yorkshire and he had two daughters (Emma and Hannah if I remember correctly) each of whom married one of Luke Scott’s sons. Luke had moved down from Yorkshire too so I suspect Solomon followed Luke down to Surrey or maybe the other way round. Solomon died before his second wife in the late 1890s but Ann Sarah lived until 1925. I am pretty certain Solomon did not own Beech Farm but he certainly amassed quite a lot of property, Fascinating how these families intertwined!

      1. Dave Honour says:

        Hi Mandy,
        Just read your mail after replying to Pamela. Luke Scott came from Warter in Yorkshire as did Solomon Windross and most probably knew each other from there. There is a very good book available from the Bourne Society on Chelsham and Farleigh which has a chapter on Solomon and includes a page on Luke Scott.
        Cheers Dave

    2. Dave Honour says:

      Hi Pamela, or should I call you cousin?
      My Gt-Gt-Grandparents were also Luke and Eliza Scott, I am descended from their daughter Emma who married Frederick William Honour. I have several photos of the family which I need identified including one of Luke and Eliza. It would be great to share notes on the family history.
      Dave Honour

  23. dorothy says:

    Hi there, came across your postings regarding Luke Scott and Eliza, I have a photograph of their Headstone in All Saints Church, Warlingham, Surrey. plus a few others of All Saints..if they are of any use to you (if you do not live locally) would like to share with you..

    Espied these whilst carrying out some other research at All Saints, Warlingham 20th August 2013.


    1. Dave Honour says:

      Hi Dottie,
      A copy of the headstone photo would be really appreciated, I live in South Africa so do not get to Warlingham very often. If you have any others for the Scott family they would also be welcomed.
      Cheers Dave.

      1. Mandy Thompson says:

        I cannot believe how intertwined all these families are – my father is a Ward (his great grandfather Richard had sons John and Joel, (all three builders). Ann Sarah Ward (John and Joel’s sister) married Solomon Windross whose daughters Hannah and Emma both married sons of Luke Scott according to my research. Maybe F W Honour married Emma later. I’d better check that! F W Honour bought the building yard from the Ward brothers at some point before 1905. Certainly the Scott and Ward families were prominent in the Wesleyan/Methodist church in Warlingham.

        1. Mandy Thompson says:

          Just done some checking and realise I was confused by the Emma’s. Emma Windross married one of Luke Scott’s sons and Emma daughter of Luke married F W Honour.

          1. Dave Honour says:

            Hi Mandy,
            It is amazing how the families get combined but there again in small villages the choice of partners does get limited!! The details of FW Honour buying the Builders Yard is very interesting to me. I have a photo of the F W Honour Builder’s cart outside the yard if you would like a copy. F W was also a devoted Methodist as was his parents in Buckinghamshire. He went on to East Grinstead after “retiring” from Warlingham where the family building firm continued as F W Honour and Sons. He built the Methodist Church in East Grinstead (demolished last year) next to his house and builders yard.

  24. marcelle williams says:

    My great uncle Arthur William battle lived at 44 church road, warlingham, he died in 1988 age 81, he was a police officer, Im only just discovering records to do with this, seems he wrote some memoirs in 1966. His father William battle was a platoon commander in the home guard at kenley, was killed on 18.08.1940.
    My grandmother was Arthur battles sister. does anyone remember him at all, or know where there may be photos of him, I have photos of the rest of the family but not him. thanks

    1. Dave Honour says:

      Hi Marcelle,
      Quite by chance I read your comment on Arthur Battle and the name stuck in my mind. I have just received a list of Scout Leaders of Warlingham looking for another name and noticed that Arthur Battle was a Scout Leader in 1955 and 1956. If you want I can send you the e-mail address for the group and the list they sent me.

    2. Lyndsay says:

      Hi there, I lived in Crewe’s Close in the 50’s and 60’s. My mother was friendly with a Mrs Battle who was a midwife. They had a son, John and the family lived in Church Rd

  25. Roy Wood says:

    Re John M Taylor seeking relatives of Frederick Wiles; I am his nephew and am familiar with his tragic story. I would welcome an e-mail connection if of interest. Separately, I am keen to establish the date etc. of bombs falling at 106 and 98(?) Farleigh Road circa 1940/41.
    Roy Wood.

  26. Rod says:

    I am trying to research William Jackson. He is originally listed elsewhere as “Sewing Machine Manufacturer” of Warlingham, Surrey, but also produced bicycles, tricycles and motorcycles.
    He is attributed with a challenge for “The London to Brighton Race”. I would be very interested to hear from anybody who is aware of the address of his “factory” in Warlingham. He also had premises in Pimlico and Middlesex, these addresses are known.

  27. Carol says:

    Does anyone have photos of Chelsham in Surrey I would like to find Portland cottages and hare and hound cottages as well as the terrace houses on Limpsfield road near the bus garage

    1. Neil says:

      looking at a map of 1899 Portland Terrace is shown opposite Sainsburys.
      Terrace would have been to the right of Tanby pools row of shops.

      My g/father was living ther in1911 census.

  28. Richard Bloom says:

    I am trying to find the location of Lanka on Westhall Road, Warlingham. It was the residence of the Tatham family for a period in the 1920/30s

  29. Joshua Boyle says:

    I live in Shreveport, Louisiana USA, and inside of a cigarette travel case purchased at an antique store I found a post card and handwritten letter from the Warlingham Village Club. It was originally attached to a balloon and the finder was awarded a prize. The prize was the cigarette travel case. I have not been able to find any information on the internet about the club or the event. I have pictures of the card and the letter. I was just looking for a little history behind this.

  30. Kathy Bunney says:

    I am trying to find any information about the family who lived at ‘Mithras’ Landscape Road, Warlingham during the late 1920’s. My maternal grandmother Bertha Peters was their servant. If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated. Kathy

  31. Neil Barnes says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t named Mithian. If so it was 9 Landscape Road and if you email me I might be able to help you.

  32. Nicholas Chesterfield says:

    Does anyone have any information on the house called West Hall in Warlingham. Pictures would be lovely. My grandparents lived in the house in the 1950’s and no-one seems to have any information or pictures in the family.
    Many thanks.

  33. Ollie says:

    Hello, we’re trying to discover the history of the house that sits at number 6 Landscape Road (also known as ‘The Highlands’). If anyone knows the history of this house/it’s previous owners or has any pictures that would be very much appreciate


  34. Deborah Parry says:

    My great-grandfather, William Charles Rudkin, had West Hall built in around 1911 and lived there until 1927; my grandfather, Gordon Rudkin, lived there until around 1918. The house still exists but has been turned into 3 flats – numbers 7, 8 and 9 Old Westhall Close.
    I have a number of both internal and external photographs of the house from around 1914-1921 if these are of any interest.

  35. vicki baker says:

    I’m looking for any information on the cottages at 215 Old Farleigh road Warlingham.
    I believe they are called The Dunallan Cottages . My father was born there in 1909.
    Some history or pictures would be great. I have found them on google maps but no history
    goes with that. My father’s name was James Dewar.

    Thank You Vicki

  36. Declan says:

    Anyone know the history of Burwood House on Westhall Road?

  37. Roger metcalfe says:

    I’m looking for information etc on the erstwhile country club off Farleigh Road Warlingham

    This building I understand, was demolished in or around 1985.

    Could you help please

  38. RT says:

    Hi, can anyone shed any light on a Scots (or Scotts Hall) in Chelsham Warlingham between 1880-1911? My 4th and 5th grandparents worked and lived here for at east 20-30 years. The males have ‘farm labourer’ listed as their occupation, so was this a farm, and if so, I guess that the workers could live there?

    1. Dave Honour says:

      Hi RT,
      The Scott family were farmers in Chelsham at the time you have noted so “Scott Hall” could be Chelsham Court Farm. My Gt-gt-grandfather was Luke Scott who was the farmer there and I know that the Scott family are still resident in the area. I am in touch with my 3rd cousins (Scotts) who have details on the family at the time and the Bourne Society has information on the various farms of the area.

  39. Joanne Hanson says:

    My mother worked for Dr and Mrs Shepley at Warlingham Park Hospital at the beginning of the war. They had a son called Jeremy and a daughter Tessa. Does anyone remember any of them? They lived in the house called Corgavvar which is no longer there because of the housing estate built on the land.

  40. Allan Bruce says:

    My grandfather- Hector Septimus Bruce- lived in Scotts Hall cottages. He went on to train as a psychiatric nurse at W arlingham Park Hospital.
    My father also trained there in the post war years.
    Allan Bruce

  41. james O'Donnell says:

    Hi, I have lived at 103 Westhall Road for around 10 years now. It’s the red-brick Victorian house and was built in 1888. I have restored the property, as far as practicable, back to its original condition using remnants of ironmongery and other fixtures and fittings, that had been retained, to put it back to as near the original as possible. The house has the title of ‘Hilminster’ on the deeds. I tried to research its past, but have come up with little detail or information.

    If anyone out there has anything on the house, I’d liver to know more.

    Also, does anyone know when numbering in the street was introduced? I assume all the houses had names, not numbers, originally like mine?

  42. Michelle van Zyl says:

    Hi. I would like some information about ASHWOOD please. We live in number 8 which was part of the orchard and we have unearthed a path running along the bottom. Its very over run with Rhododendrons and we are slowing starting to get more garden back. I’d live to know more about the old House that was here, who lived in it and any photographs.
    Many Thanks

  43. David Potts says:


    Re: Flying Officer 37921 Russell buried in Warlingham Cemetary

    I am trying to trace any living family of the above RAF Pilot, he was the son of Arthur James and Florence Russell and left a wife by the name of Joan Russell. The Officer was killed in action whilst engaging the enemy in his Spitfire.
    I am in possession of an artifact which the family may like to own.
    David J Potts.

  44. Mary Beth Basu says:

    Hi, my family lived in Warlingham 1967-1969, when my father worked for a computer firm in Croyden. Our house was at the bend on Westhall Park, and was called Brynfield. I visited in 1991 and it was still there, and I found an aerial view from around 2012 as well. However, it seems to have been replaced now; hard to tell from current aerial views. If anyone has any information about the history of the house, I would greatly appreciate it. I know the back garden was subdivided prior to my visit in 1991; it ran along the road there. Does anyone know how I can find out when the house was built? Thank you!–Mary Beth Basu (maiden name Blank, daughter of John and Suzanne Blank, if anyone remembers them)
    Oh, also, we attended the village primary school, and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the headmistress at that time, a Miss Pearson (Pierson?); she was wonderful.

  45. Mary Beth Basu says:

    Ps to above post: From what I can tell, Brynfield was at 16 Westhall Park, which now seems to be called Court End.

  46. TONY PEARS says:

    Looking for any history or photos of 31 Westhall Park Warlingham. Once known as Thornecroft . Built in or around 1905.

    Many thanks

  47. Christina Hopkinson says:

    My grandfather, Ernest George Carter left the family home in Croydon in c. 1933. My father (1924 – 2008) had a memory of being taken to see him in Warlingham. He lived in a wooden caravan, which my Dad said was located a place sounding like Adcott Farm. Can anyone identify where this may have been?

  48. Philip Gray says:

    The Fife and Drum Band.

    Does anyone remember the Warlingham BP Guild Fife Band? We used to meet on Wednesday nights in the Scout HQ – that was way back in the ‘60s of course. We played at events far and wide including concerts in a London, and Even marched every year in the torchlight parade through Battle. Great days for a young flautist.

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