‘Lost Voices from the Titanic’ by Dr Nick Barratt

Dr Nick Barratt<br /> at Surrey History Centre

Dr Nick Barratt
at Surrey History Centre

Saturday 21st April 2012

A full house at Surrey History Centre were treated to a compelling and emotional talk from Dr Nick Barratt, TV presenter and expert genealogist, featuring testimonies and memoirs from Titanic‘s passengers and crew. Known for shows such as Who Do You Think You Are? and more recently Find My Past, Nick’s interest in Titanic may come as a surprise but his book Lost Voices from the Titanic: The Definitive Oral History shows his true skill as an historical researcher separating the myth and fiction of the fateful ship from the truth.

(Click here to read a summary of Nick’s talk prepared by British Sign Language interpreter, Wendy Ledeux)

Titanic Survivors' Relatives<br /> Claire Bishop, Rosemary Morley and Sue Harvey

Titanic Survivors’ Relatives
Claire Bishop, Rosemary Morley and Sue Harvey

Astonishingly, three relatives of men aboard Titanic were in the audience and keen to have Nick’s help in finding out more about their ancestors. Claire Bishop’s great-great uncle, Alfred Frank Evans, was the Lookout on Titanic and survived on lifeboat 15; Sue Harvey’s great-uncle, Charles Edwin Smith, was a 2nd Class bedroom steward from Southampton and did not survive; and Eustace Snow was Rosemary Morley’s grandmother’s cousin, who survived clinging on to the upturned collapsible B.

If you have any information regarding the three crew members and can help further Claire, Rosemary or Sue would love to hear from you.
Click here for more background and contact details (pdf (PDF) format).

Nick was lucky enough to interview the last survivor, Milvina Dean, shortly before her death in 2009. As a 9-week old baby she remembered nothing of the tragedy and whilst she admitted that she enjoyed the almost celebrity-like profile in later life, she intensely disliked the salvage operation carried out on the wreck, saying simply “…that’s my father’s grave”.