‘Lost Voices From the Titanic’ second time around!

Did you miss Dr Nick Barratt’s talk on ‘Lost Voices From the Titanic‘? Well, do not despair, we were lucky enough to have British Sign Language interpreter, Wendy Ledeux, with us at the talk and she has kindly provided us with a transcript of the event. Wendy explained that there is a growing trend in accessibility training to make talks accessible for audiences with hearing difficulties by producing a typed summary whilst the talk is being given; the text is then projected onto a screen for the audience to readrather than have a sign language interpreter.

Click here to download a pdf (PDF) copy of the transcript.

This is not a verbatim transcript but will give a summary of the talk and the extracts from letters that Nick read to the audience. Wendy has kindly offered to provide a fuller transcript of the talk and more tailored notes for anyone who has a disability (including deafness or hearing impairment, partially sighted, stroke sufferer, depression, or autism). Please contact us with your details and we will put Wendy in touch with you.