Knaphill is a village on the edge of Woking. The Knaphill nurseries of Waterer and Slocock were famed for the plants they produced, especially rhododendrons.

Knaphill: Memory Lane
Since 2005 the Knaphill Residents’ Association (KRA) has interviewed many local Knaphill residents and listened to their recollections of the village in their lifetimes. The members of the KRA are all volunteers and do not claim any training in these matters, but are keen to help new residents be aware of Knaphill’s recent past and let them share some of the memories and history.

Edited versions of the articles can be read in the pdfs of past copies of the Newsletters on the myKnaphill website. More complete notes from the conversations and interviews are gradually being added under the ‘Memory Lane’ section on the site.There were also KRA pages and a clear Memory Lane section on the Window on Woking ( website however this site has now been decommissioned.The KRA has also held a number of Memory Lane events at the Vyne Community Centre in Knaphill and brought together old school friends and neighbours, past staff from Brookwood Hospital and helped to revive memories of the village. Sadly many of those the KRA chatted to in the early years of note-taking have now passed away, but the memories have been ‘captured’ before they fade forever.

KRA would be pleased to hear from present and past residents and any other people who have a link with Knaphill who would like to add to their memories to the Memory Lane Series: email [email protected].

Image of Peter Davison in 2012 By LuigiNovi from Wikipedia

Peter Davison in 2012 © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

Peter Davison

Knaphill was once the home to the actor Peter Davison famous for his role in the 1980’s as The Fifth Doctor from the Science Fiction Television Show Doctor Who, for three years, as well as his role as Tristan Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small, for thirty-two years.

Doctor Who

When Peter said he accepted his role as the Doctor, Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, advised that he should only do three series (72 Episodes and one special) otherwise he wouldn’t be able to get other work. In interview, Peter said that he rather liked Season 21 but wished he continued.

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3 thoughts on “Knaphill”

  1. Anthony Turner says:

    I have a photograph of the staff and pupils of Knaphill County Secondary School taken in 1961. Like most formal posed school photos of the time it is about 100cms (3’6″) long.
    Would it be of any interest to local historians?

  2. Sue Mcbriarty says:

    Does any one have any old photographs of Dorking Villas, Englefield Road before they were modernised? I have a photo of my Grandmother on her wedding day and would like to confirm that the building in the background is the villas,as she used to live there.
    Thank you

  3. Colin Hayward says:

    Are there any ex pupils of knaphill County Secondary School still alive and kicking? I was there in the 1950s when Mr Locke was Headmaster and Mr Doyle did a lot for discipline.I returned briefly as a supply teacher there in the early 60’s then left for Australia.
    I remember that there used to be some of the best teachers there that I have ever met in my life (and I now have 2 bachelor degrees and a Masters in Educaiton). They were severely undervalued by the Government, the community,the parents and me at that time.
    If you were a contemporary and can still write you can try emailing me.
    Colin Hayward

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