Old Woking

Old Woking, artists impression

Old Woking, Artists Impression

The village now known as Old Woking has given its name to the ancient Hundred, to the modern town and to the new borough. It lies about 1 miles south-east of the present centre of Woking at the edge of the developed area and on the north bank of the River Wey on a slight ridge of higher ground between the Wey and the Hoe stream. It is a place of antiquity with evidence from the area of Romano-British occupation. St. Peter’s Church dates from the 12th century and lies away from the present main road in quiet and pleasant surroundings.

For about 150 years from the middle of the 15th century, Woking was a royal residence, with the palace being about 1 mile to the east. The site is a Scheduled Monument.

Woking was a market town in the 17th century and a market house was built in 1665. It remains, but greatly altered.

With the loss of royal connections the area lapsed into a backwater and was later superseded by the railway town and the associated growth of recent times. Several buildings of interest remain, together with the historic road line.

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  1. Mike Carter says:

    Nice information- but is there an old map? In particular where was the marketplace and where is the market house?
    Thank you

  2. Chris Gould says:

    Hi all, I’m looking for descendents of William John Hughes (Bill), 1939 – 1987. I have his place of death as Old Woking. His parents would have been Dorothy (Payne, and William John Hughes.

    Please, please, contact me – [email protected]

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