Iron Pear Tree jug Godstone

During the 18th century, the White Hart Inn in Godstone had a pear tree grow in the garden. The fruit of this tree was so hard it became known as the Iron Pear Tree.


East Surrey Museum Iron Pear Tree jug
Copyright: Image courtesy of Brian Wood

Some years later a spring was discovered in the garden, the water of which was said to be good for the health.

By 1752, the health-giving water was being bottled and sold for 12d [old pennies] a gallon.

To prevent fraud the bottles were marked Iron Pear Tree water near Godstone Surry and sealed.

This Iron Pear Tree jug probably did come from Iron Pear Tree Cottage but might have been found at the White Hart Inn.

The 2 medallions near the neck of the jug show an invalid before and after drinking the water.

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  1. Gerry Moss says:

    This pot has nothing to do with the White Hart Inn at Godstone. Iron Pear Tree Cottage was much further South along Tilburstow Hill Road. It is marked on an early 19th century map as Peartree Well I have seen.

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