Godalming Mesolithic flints

A lovely collection of Mesolithic flints (in neatly labelled brown envelopes and tobacco tins), along with notes about their excavation and correspondence about the collection.


Godalming Museum Mesolithic flint
Copyright: Image courtesy of Brian Wood

The flints were found in 1944 by schoolmaster Dr John Nichols whose London school had been evacuated to Witley in the Second World War. He was a keen amateur archaeologist who had dug with Sir Mortimer Wheeler and was a member of the Society of Antiquaries. He corresponded about his find with Mr Rankine, an expert on the Mesolithic and a fellow member of the Surrey Archaeological Society.  Dr Nichols was convinced that the flints were in situ as they had been left by their Mesolithic creators which makes them an unusual find.  Dr Nichols went on to be a volunteer Curator of Godalming Museum.

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