The paintings of Windsor Castle on grains of rice by Charles Gunner were created around 1936.


Egham Museum: Windsor Castle on a grain of rice
Charles Gunner miniatures
Copyright: Image courtesy of Brian Wood

Charles Gunner achieved international recognition for his spectacular microscopic writing and painting.

Other examples of his work are The Lord’s Prayer written out 23 times in the space of a threepenny bit and King George V’s Christmas broadcast speech within the circumference of a sixpence.

Queen Mary bought Gunner’s ‘History of Windsor Castle’, a microscopic 1/2 inch square and perfectly bound book.

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  1. Aubrey Bell says:

    I am writing from Canada. I have a client who emigrated to Canada from Surrey several decades ago. Among the mementos she carried with her were several miniature sketches by Charles Gunner. Now, she is seeking to convert the souvenirs to hard currency. Can you direct me to a local auction house familiar with the artist? Thank you…

  2. Hello,

    My name is David Stockdale. I’m a photo researcher for Ask, a science magazine for kids ages 7-10 years old. We’re doing an issue about miniatures/extremely small things for our November/December issue, and we’re interested in using the following image:

    The paintings of Windsor Castle on grains of rice:

    Would this be permissible? Please let me know if you need any more information. Please email me at to discuss. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    David Stockdale
    Permissions Specialist
    Cricket Media

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