Penicillin Notatum

An original example of the Penicillin Notatum culture, discovered in 1928 by Sir Alexander Fleming, it was presented to Major General D C Monro of The Royal College of Surgeons in 1944.

Army Medical Services Museum: Original penicillin culture (Penicillin Notatum)

Army Medical Services Museum:
Original penicillin culture
(Penicillin Notatum)

Sir Alexander Fleming had served in the Royal Army Medical Corps with the rank of Captain during World War One and was mentioned in dispatches for his services there.

Penicillin transformed the treatment of bacterial infection. Penicillin antibiotics are significant because they were the first drugs to be effective against serious diseases such as syphilis, gangrene and tuberculosis.

Fleming’s work was prompted by his experience of seeing so many soldiers die from infected wounds.

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2 thoughts on “Penicillin Notatum”

  1. alex says:

    “Major General D C Munro (sic) Monro of The Royal College of Surgeons in 1944” was my grandmother’s elder brother – do you have a photo of the presentation or documentation of its handover, as I am researching a biography w a retired NZ surgeon, on DC Monro’s wartime medical contribution, of which the early near the front administration of antibiotics, was one of his major innovations in WWII, where he was Consultant Surgeon to the MEF in Cairo in 1941-46

    16 July 2014 – Contact: Alxr.Monro at outlook dot com

    1. sion pritchard says:

      Hi Alex
      I am currently researching my degree dissertation on the development of Forward Surgical Teams (FSU) in the Western Desert during the Second Wolrd War. I understand that DC Monro made a significant contribution to the establishment of these units. Do you have any information on this, or any pointers to sources of information.

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