Watts Chapel

G.F. Watts was an eminent artist of the Victorian era. His wife Mary, designed and built the chapel as part of an inspirational community project enshrining the vision art for all.

Watts' Chapel doors: Watts Gallery (image Brian Wood)

Watts’ Chapel doors
Copyright: Image courtesy of Brian Wood

The great doors of the chapel were prepared by Barrow & Boxell in chestnut and oak and carved by Thomas Steadman, a Compton wheelwright.

The metalwork was designed by the architect George Redmayne and forged by the village blacksmith Clarence Sex for a fee of 21 pounds and 5 shillings.

It was exhibited at the 1898 annual Home Arts and Industries exhibition held at the circular upper gallery of the Albert Hall.

Watch the video of Mark Bills, Curator at the Watts Gallery, talking about ‘The All Pervading’ at the Watts Cemetery Chapel.

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