William Cobbett

William Cobbett is arguably the most influential person Farnham has ever produced and The Museum of Farnham has a number of his letters, manuscripts and other items.


Farnham Museum:
William Cobbett’s Election Poster
Copyright: Image courtesy of Brian Wood

Generally remembered for his Rural Rides and as the founder of Hansard, Cobbett was a thorn in the flesh of successive governments as a political journalist,.

For nearly forty years he occupied a unique position of power using his brilliant pen to support the labouring poor by exposing corruption and dishonesty, earning himself the name, ‘The Poor Man’s Friend’.

No ordinary individual before or since has had such a dominating influence in public affairs on both sides of the Atlantic.

William Cobbett was born in Farnham in 1763 and died nearby in Normandy in 1835.

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