Civil War musket balls and quilted arming cap

A collection of musket balls from Farnham Park found during the survey by archaeologists and metal detectorists between 2002 and 2005.


Museum of Farnham Civil War Musket Balls
Copyright: Image courtesy of Brian Wood


Museum of Farnham
Civil War Quilted Arming Cap
Copyright: Image courtesy of
Brian Wood

Farnham Castle held a strategic position in Surrey, commanding important cross-country routes to London, Winchester and Southampton.

The munitions are thought to relate to fighting in November 1643 when 8000 Royalist troops unsuccessfully attempted to overcome the Parliamentary garrison at Farnham Castle.

The area surveyed showed two lines of shot, roughly 55 metres apart which seems to indicate two skirmishing lines of troops firing at each other.

The quilted arming cap is also from the Civil War, and was worn under a metal helmet to cushion the head.

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One thought on “Civil War musket balls and quilted arming cap”

  1. Cris Hughes says:

    30 years ago I lived in Farnham an regularly metal detected in Farnham Park. I have 20 or so musket balls from different areas of the park but the majority came from the south slope beside the castle.

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