Chertsey Viking sword

Discovered in 1981, this magnificent 10th century Viking sword with its double-edged steel blade was designed as a slashing weapon to be held in one hand.


Chertsey Museum viking sword
Copyright: Image courtesy of Brian Wood

Watch the video of Emma Warren, Curator of Chertsey Museum, talking about the Chertsey Viking Sword.

The maker’s name, ‘Ulfberht’ is clearly inscribed on the blade and the sword handle is decorated with copper and silver.

The sword is a rare and graphic reminder of the story of invasion and bloodshed throughout the time of the Dark Ages. It may have been thrown into the river as part of a burial ritual or possibly lost during a Viking raid on the area.

Chertsey is one of the oldest towns in England, and Chertsey Abbey was the 1st monastery in Surrey and the 5th largest in the country. It was sacked (raided and destroyed) by the Vikings in AD 871, when the Abbot Beocca and 90 monks were killed. It was attacked again around 1010-1011.

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