QEF Dorincourt

On 1st November 1958 a new section of the College, Dorincourt, was able to admit its first residents, 22 men and 21 women.

Residents on the production line in the Dorincourt workshop, 1967.

Residents on the production line in the Dorincourt workshop, 1967.

Dame Georgiana described Dorincourt as a ‘unique opportunity for combining an industrial unit, already designed for that purpose, with an established Training College in a district eminently suited for the purpose and offering the fullest opportunity for further development.’ Dorincourt was suited to people with disabilities who could not be employed in open industry, either because they needed to work under special conditions, or no suitable employment was in reach of their homes, with their disability meaning they could not live in lodgings.

The two main sections were light electrical and manual work, and pottery. Over the years Dorincourt became less rigid in its structure; people could work in the workshop and live at home, or vice versa. Dorincourt is now an independent living service which helps people with complex disabilities to acquire key life skills and greater independence. The unique transitional service enables people to set and achieve their own goals.

Text and images courtesy of the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People.

4 thoughts on “QEF Dorincourt”

  1. Hannah german says:

    Hello…. Today I had a beautiful day finding treasures at a local car boot sale and I come across a painted donkey tile painted by someone from the queen Elizabeth’s foundation for disabled people. Just had a look online as I love to find out the story behind certain pieces and found the brilliant pictures and info on your site. Fantastic it will now be looked after for years to come in my home. Whoevers fair hands made this has made me happy today. What a brilliant find 🙂

  2. Hi Hannah, lovely to hear about the Dorincourt tile – what a lucky find! We hope you treasure it for years to come.

    If you want to see more pictures from our Dorincourt archive then please visit our Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157655705946975

    We are also currently hosting an exhibition at the [email protected], Oxo Tower, London until Sunday 24th April 2016. On display there is another Dorincourt tile and a hand-painted Dorincourt table, among lots of other objects and photographs. You can find out more by visiting our event page here: http://www.oxotower.co.uk/events/crippled-handicapped-disabled-living-beyond-labels/

    Kind regards,

    Rachael Stamper
    Heritage Project Manager
    Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People

  3. Jen says:

    I have inherited a painting with a label on the back saying Oaklawn Gallery, Dorincourt arts centre and it is signed possibly Trevor or Trevory. Would it have been painted by a resident quite a few years ago?

  4. Claire Adams says:

    Can anyone please tell me anything about Dorin Court befor 1958 . I have been searching for many years to find anything about it , to no avail , thank you.

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