Ceramics at GSA

In December 1963 the Ceramics department proposed to offer vocational courses in industrial design and decoration. The course duration was to be three years and students would normally have completed a pre-diploma course prior to this, aged 17. Selection would take place by interview and assessment would determine the student’s fitness to continue the course after the first year. The final examination at the end of the third year would take into account the student’s coursework and set projects including a 2000 word written piece. It was decided that the course could be run within existing accommodation and that the range of equipment was adequate.

It might seem odd that such subjects as decoration were offered by the Ceramics department but the following image explains why this was deemed to be appropriate:


The subjects taught as part of first year courses included Liberal Studies, Fundamental Design Study, Fine Art, Drawing, Historical Study, Technology and basic Chemistry, Physics and Geometry. As part of courses offered by the Ceramics department, activities such as tours and visits were arranged with industrial contacts. During the second year students learnt about the decoration of flat surface areas and round forms as well as mould making and individual projects. By the final year of the course, projects took up the majority of students’ time, along with tutorials and research.

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