Fine Art at GSA

Fine Art ran as a Surrey Diploma course, in conjunction with Painting and Sculpture. The course content covered both theory and practical exercises, with experimentation encouraged and the intention of relaxing the “imposed disciplines” of the Pre-Diploma course.

The timetable below shows the structure of the first year of the Fine Art Diploma course:

fine art

As with other courses, the Diploma offered two visits per term to galleries and other places of interest. The attendance of relevant talks, lectures and films was also encouraged.

Students kept both note books and reference books. Note books allowed students to collect drawings and ideas gained from their practical work, while keeping information and reproductions of inspirational photographs and writing in their reference books.

During the first year of the course, there was a focus on drawing and experimentation. Students were taught about aspects of line relationships, shape relationships, spacial elements, form, texture and movement alongside areas such as comparative anatomy.

The second year of the course built on these skills further, encouraging students to pursue their own ideas through several stages of development to complete projects. Students also had the opportunity to meet a visiting painter or sculptor once a term to discuss their work and progress. Study of theory and methods were also held at this stage of the course.

In the final year, students were hoped to be able to work far more independently, consulting staff as they felt the need, while working on work which would be exhibited alongside others during an annual general exhibition.

Fine Art was also offered as part of the National Diploma in Design course.

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