Liberal Studies at GSA

In 1963, C.E.W. Deacon was the lecturer in charge of Liberal Studies, with Paul Harris, P. J. Norton and Mrs M. Heep as part-time teachers of the subject. At this time most students took Liberal Studies classes for between one and five hours a week. The number of teaching hours per week totalled 55.

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The purpose of the course was deemed two-fold. Firstly “to encourage an atmosphere of objective study in fields related in a broad sense to the artist’s professional work” and also “to encourage the communal life of the School”.

Liberal Studies classes took several different forms. Lectures were held in the History of Art for Pre-Diploma students and there were weekly discussions based on a syllabus. There was also a varied programme of classes organised by the students themselves who were encouraged to organise themselves into committee groups in order to discuss the syllabus and arrange relevant lectures and events.

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