Saturday morning classes at GSA

Guildford School of Art offered a wide range of classes beyond full-time degree programmes. These included children’s classes, divided by age for those aged 11-13 and another for those 13-17. These classes ran from 9.45am to 12.45 pm and included 7 teachers and 2 student assistants. Children attending Secondary Modern Schools, Grammar Schools, Church Schools and some Private Schools were eligible to apply and by 1964 the demand for places had exceeded the number of available places. See the image below for the subjects covered.

Subjects include painting, three dimensional subjects (clay modelling, work with plaster, metal work, assemblage of found objects., etc.), craft (embroidery, casework, etc.), Costume Life Drawing, Silk Screen Printing, Linocutting. In the exploration of colour, texture and design, a wide range of materials are used.

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