The administrative staff at the school consisted of the Registrar, four full-time and two part-time assistants. The Registrar had overall responsibility for the general administration of the school, in particular the handling of cash, including all exam and tuition fees, petty cash and banking. By the mid-1960s, the Registrar also assumed responsibility for the school shop,  but it was hoping that a part-time assistant would be appointed to take over this role. He was also responsible for the returns to the the local Divisional Officer, the Chief Education Officer and the Department of Education and Science. He took minutes during meetings of Governors and the regular weekly staff meetings. Additionally, he was responsible for all examinations held on school premises, including arranging their invigilation. The Registrar also acted as an adviser to students in their application for awards. Finally, he was responsible for ancillary staff consisting of three caretakers, six cleaners and seven technical assistants.

The senior clerical assistant was responsible for supervising the ordering of all furniture and equipment and keeping an overall check on spending. Part of her duty would have been to check accounts and pass them for payment.

Of the other full-time assistants, one acted as a shorthand-typist and secretary and another as receptionist and telephone switchboard operator. She would also have been responsible for checking registers and part-time teachers’ monthly salary claim forms. The other full-time assistant was employed at the Pewley Annexe where she acted as a deputy to the Registrar. The two part-time assistants were employed as shorthand typist secretaries with one assisting the Registrar and the other, the Head of Printing Department.

With this level of staffing, the school was able to keep the general office open until 8pm each evening and to staff the Pewley Annexe on a Saturday morning during the children’s classes.

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