In 1963, the Education Committee agreed to appoint a full-time librarian on Grade APT 1 but they found it “impossible to obtain a qualified librarian to fill the post in spite of regular advertising”. In the absence of a librarian a full-time clerical assistant undertook the work instead. The Education Committee subsequently sgreed to upgrade the post to APT 2/3 and a qualified librarian was appointed, starting her new role in November.

At this time, the library was undergoing a process of re-classification and was subsequently only open to students on a limited basis. With part-time assistance it was hoped that the library would soon be able to offer full service, including staying open until 8pm on evenings.

In order to improve the accommodation, the library was rehoused in a larger room with direct access to the students’ reading and study room. The library stock had grown to approximately 2,500 volumes and it was hoped to increase to 4,000 in the coming years. In addition, the large collection of slides and gramophone records was also growing.

In 1960, the total allowance for library books was £380 but this was regularly increased and and by 1964 the allowance was £2,990.

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